Orange Granita

Orange Granita

Orange Granita, can serve this granita at anytime of the day in summer, it’s one of the way to enjoy the summer season.

Not only it’s cold and delicious, it forces you to stick your hot and sweaty face in the freezer four or five times to stir.. Granita looks like sparkling stones, this can try in any of your favorite fruits.. its a easy one to do with all the handy things.. no need of special equipment’s to try this simple one.. the other way can blend the orange in a processor.. i always prefer to squeeze in a squeezer..this month in SYS-W series i got the orange as my secret ingredient.. conducted by viji.. thank you viji for this chance.. lets see the granita, do try and let me know how it turns for you..

Preparation time- 12 hours

Orange- 4
Sugar- 2 tsp
Water- 1/4 cup


* Wash and half cut the Orange, use the squeezer to squeeze the juice, Add sugar and water.. mix them well till the sugar disolves.

* Set them in a air tight container, refrigerate this for 4 hours..

* Take out from the freezer and scrub it up..

* Again put in freezer and set this for 4-5 hours, take out and scrub the granita’s with a spoon or forks..


* Use good sweetened orange..
* Freezing time depends on the cooling your freezer is.
 * Check with a spoon forks to get out granita..

Don’t you wanna a scoop to yum yum…:P
“Orange Granita”

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