Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich
Egg Sandwich, this is a fancy and instant sandwich, instead of cheese i used Mayonnaise here, if you dont like the Mayonnaise, then skip and add the cheese.

A filling Breakfast… Jess hates egg, there its a war with him to feed a egg.. and he loves Mayonnaise taste.. give up a twist with Egg and Mayonnaise, served a filling snack.. the moment kids enjoy with home made snack is the best  for every mommies.. i felt the same when he finish up his plate.. i used to prepare sweet sandwich to pack his snack box.. he was so happy to see the triangle packed sandwich again in his vacation.. and doing this is such a simple and easy one.. Lets go with the yummy Sandwich, do try and let me know how it turns for you…

Preparation time- 15 mins
Cooking Time- 5 mins
Serves- 2

Sandwich bread/Milk Bread/Wheat bread- 4 slices
Egg- 2 nos
Mayonnaise- 3 tsp
Garlic paste- 1/2 tsp
Pepper powder- 1/2 tsp(Optional)
Ghee/Butter- 1 tsp
* Hard boil the egg, make them cool to room temperature, remove them from shell, slit them..

* Chop the egg along with the Yellow yoke.. Take mayonnaise in a bowl, add in the garlic paste, pepper powder and chopped egg to the mayonnaise, mix them well..

* Pre heat the Sandwich maker get the green light on.. between, spread some ghee/ butter over the bread slices..

* Spread the Mayonnaise mix over two slices of bread.. cover them with the other bread..

* Now place the sandwiched bread to the Sandwich maker.. cook till the top turns golden brown in color.

* If you dont have the sandwich maker, skip the last step and do it in tawa.. cook the breads till they turn golden brown in color..
* Pepper its a optional ingredients, i dont like the plain mayonnaise taste, so i added pepper to the sandwich…
* Use only half a spoon of garlic or crush only pod of garlic to the mix, Egg is a gastric food, so adding garlic will help to keep away the gastric..
“Serve with a cup a coffee/Tea”
“Egg Sandwich”
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