Instant Shahi Tukda

Instant Shahi Tukda

Instant Shahi Tukda, a easy and simple preparation.. its a last minute dessert, good thing is it’s a rich dessert..and easy one for a party dessert, first time i had this in BBQ..
Love the toasted bread filled with rich filling..few months back, i write a mail to Good Food BBC, regards the readers recipe.. and my Instant Shahi Tukda got the place in their magazine, Good Food BBC June 2014 edition.. happy for this, when i open the june edition book got the surprise…Thank God for this Opportunity, Thank all my readers, Followers, Friends, for the past one and half years, you guys encouraged me with your words, comments, mails, messages, phone calls.. i feel happy, i choose a write path to expose the thoughts…

Now coming to Shahi Tukda, very rich delicious easy dessert.. if you have lots of guest for a party or functions, or if you get a last minute gusset, relish them with this rich creamy dessert.. they never forget you whenever, they saw the bread they think of this rich dessert…. the taste was super delicious…

Mainly its a north Indian menu, whatever always i go for a instant version …

Preparation time-  10 mins
Cooking Time- 20 – 30 mins
Serves- 2-3

White Bread/Wheat Bread- 4-5 slices
Milk- 1 1/2 – 2 cups
Almonds- 10 nos( can use mixed nuts too)
Saffron- a pinch
Custard Powder- 1/2 tsp
Sugar- 1/4 cup
Ghee- 2 tsp


* Soak almonds for 20 mins, Take full fast milk in a sauce pan.

* Boil the milk till they reduce to half the amount… add the Sugar and boil till they dissolves completely, and now time to low the flame/heat..

* Here the soaked Almonds and saffrons soaked in warm milk..

* Add in the saffron mix to the boiled milk, mix them well..

* Peel out the Soaked Almonds and chop them finely.. add the chopped almonds to the milk..

* Mix the custard powder in milk, mix them without forming any clumps..

* Now slowly add the custard mix to the milk and stir well, {I had to take my hand to click the step, so u’ll find some curdle in the mix, then after mixing then well all disappeared}and keep them aside, now the creamy milk was ready…

* Cut of the edges from the bread, slit them to triangles or to your desired shape..

* Toast them in a tawa, by drizzling some ghee over the bread..

* Flip them and cook till both sides turn golden brown in color..

* Arrange on the serving plates, just arrange it how many plates you want to serve..

* Pour the Creamy milk over the the toasted bread.. serve immediately..

* Its an instant Recipe, you can prepare the creamy milk earlier and refrigerated it for 2-3 days..
* Also it should serve at the time when u add the creamy milk, otherwise bread will be more moist.
* Using brown bread or wheat bread, serves a healthy version..

All done
“Instant Shahi Tukda”
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