Adhirasam/Athirasam, I’m very fond to this oily sweet.. its a south indian traditional sweet,the name adhi-rasam refers to adhi means too much, rasam means here for too tasty, so its much more tasty recipe..
My grandma prepare this without any pain, she had that much of experience in it.. Its a bit tough south indian recipe.. Last diwalli i tried this recipe, there i missed some proper ratio, this time i got the exact measurements.. and it came out very well..i missed the proper shape but the taste was too good and i get the exact texture.. i get a crispy outside and soft mouth melting adhirasam this time.. yaheee I’m soooo happy for this attempt.. i learnt it properly.. here i typed all the details and steps i follow, here you go with the recipe..


Prep Time: 2 days   |  Cook time: 10 mins    |  Serves: 20 pcs


Raw Rice 2 cups
Jaggery 2 cups grated
Kasakasa 2 tsp
Yellaki/Cardamon 5-6
Oil for frying


  1. Soak 2 cups of rice 2-3 hours drain them out, spread them in a kitchen clean towel, let them sit for 10 – 15 mins.

 2. Powder the rice and sieve them, separate the fine flour and coarse flour, keep them aside.. take the jaggery in a kadai or pan..

  3. Add very little amount of water, approx i add less than 1/4 cup of water.. boil them in medium flame, first let them dissolve the jaggery..

 4. I used good quality jaggery, there is no dirt in it.. if you have dirt, then strain it once and again boil it in medium flame..first they form a runny texture..

 5. Stir them continuously, and now its the second check, here it gets little thick, and now wait or few mins and do the third check, now it comes drop by drop..

  6. When you get the drop lets, check it in a bowl water, it won’t dissolve in it, and if you gather them it’ll form like a mass..

 7. And you can roll the ball in your finger.. this is for the satisfaction, but once it form like a mass, all done.. here is the masa masa and yeallaki… powder the yeallaki, and set aside..
 8. Take out the Jaggery syrup and add the fine flour to it, mix them well.. slowly add the flour little by little..

 9. Add the Coarse powder, yellaki powder, kasakasa and dmix them well..

10. Here all the things get together in, without any clumps.. and close it with a kitchen clean towel, or muslin cloth,  and set it in the room temperature for 24 hours- 48  hours.. 

 11. Now Heat the kadai with oil, grease your hands with little oil and ping a bit from the prepared dough, it should come without sticking your hand, in the mean time grease a plastic sheet with some oil and form a doughnut or vadai shape in it..
12. Drop them in hot oil and put the flame to medium.. flip them and cook till turns brown color.. strain them out and keep them in a colander..


    • Soak the rice only for 2-3 hours.
    • I get 3-4 tsp of coarse flour, if you don’t get any coarse flour, then add 2-3 tsp of rava/sooji to it.
    • If you like Dry ginger flavor, then add a tsp of dry ginger powder.
    • Preparing the jaggery is the most critical part, if you didn’t get the proper jaggery level, it will separate in the oil.. if the jaggery goes to the next stage, adhirasam will be hard..
    • If the have a sticky dough, then add few tsps of flour to it.. if the dough is dry or hard when you form the adhirasam, them few tsps of milk to it.. 
    • Adjust the flame to cook the adhirasam, keep them in medium to high..
    • If it drink more oil, then squeeze out the oil from the adhirasam using two ladle..

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