Guava Juice

Guava Juice
Guava Juice
 Guava Juice, most of them avoid this healthy fruit coz of the seeds, that get struck in the tooth.. yaeeee irritating isn’t it.. here I’m giving a new way to have this healthy packed fruit.. Guava is one the country fruit, easily available in  markets.. such a great pack of Vitamins…

Also the pulpy bowl can serve to toddlers without any guilt, here i removed all the seeds which are trouble part…two kinds of guava are there, white and pink.. both are good for this delicious juice.. but the pink one is too good and tastier than the white guava..these guavas can be prepare as pickle, chutney, salads, also i found some curry too, soon i’ll try and share my experience in my next guava hunt.. this time i got a good basket of ripped pink guava, its a must try juice, easy, healthy, refreshing juice.. for diabetic patients, reduce the sugar level, it taste much great in salt too..with out guilt any one can taste the yummy pulpy delicious juice…
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Guava Juice

Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 0 mins    |  Serves: 2 


Guava 2 nos
Sugar 4-5 tsp or as needed
Water 1.5 cups
Ice Cubes 4-5 pieces 


  1. Clean and wash the guavas in running water, peel them chunk the pieces, simply put in to a Blender with sugar..

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   2. Blend them well add few spoons of water to make it a smooth paste..
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  3. Add some water and strain the juice to remove the seeds.. add some more water if its pulpy, and add some sugar if needed..Serve this with a ice cubes.. such a refreshing drink.. 
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    • Choose Good ripped fresh Guavas.
    • Peeling is optional, i don’t waste the peeled skin.
    • Strain the juice to remove the seeds.

Guava Juice

“Guava Juice”
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