Lunch Menu 3

Lunch Menu 3
Lunch menu3
Past two weeks i was busy with loads of works, and fully enjoyed in diwalli sweet preparation..Hope you all had a great time with your family on dawali.. after a small break for lunch menu I’m again start to continue with the workTongue

Im getting lot of mails and messages regards this series and new updated recipes.. thank you all for the wishes and encouragement.. And coming to our combo menu.. very simple paruppu, rasam and thooran with curd, pickle and papadas.. Very lite comfort food.. Joe Loves to have Paruppu, Rasam  combo with simple veg, not even he need a vegetable kootu, he’ll be happy with a plate of omelette.. most of my friends had a question what to combine with veg and non veg.. so coming series i’ll try to answer their question with some veg and non veg combo.. My Inlaw’s love to have vegetarian meals like these.. its a bit tough job here to convince a weekend with vegetarian mealTongue.. okay here you go check out link for recipes.. 
Lunch menu3a

Lunch Menu 3

  In Place of Paruppu curry you can use other curry like sambar, and instead of cowpea thooran you can choose any other vegetable like, carrot, beans, cabbage, beetroot or any other of your choice.. End the meal with a sweet or dessert.(Click) For Some dessert in this page..
If you are a non vegetarian, here i give you some idea, make dry dish with Fish/Chicken/Mutton, Fish means go with Fish Fry, Chicken had lot of Dry items, Chicken 65/Chilli chicken, then for  mutton, Mutton Chukka.. don’t have any thing in hand, just take a egg make a good soft omelet serve with this menu combo, to make heavy meal…


  • Wash and clean the dhal, Pressure cook it with turmeric powder and hing, Cook it for 2-3 whistles..
  • In the mean time wash and clean the rice steam it for 2 whistles or do as per your regular instruction..
  • Chop Cow pea, Onion, Tomato for rasam..
  • Make the masala for thooran, rasam and paruppu curry..
  • Start preparing the curry and thooran as per recipe instruction..
  • Fry or roast the papadas.. Serve this combo hot by drizzling some Ghee over the hot steamed Rice..

Lunch menu3

“Lunch Menu 3”

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