OTG 18 RSS/RPC Morphy Richard

OTG 18 RSS/RPC Morphy Richard
Know your Gadgets before you use.. this post is completely regards the review of my Oven, This is not a paid review.. sharing the details and info for my readers to grow up the awareness of new gadgets..

My Kitchen Super Star… I’ve heard about OTG oven but never dreamed I’ll own it… Felt lucky this time…. I was very much attracted with 9ltr OTG that’s the basic model, there is no other pc in stock so we chose this 18ltr model….

At first i had a Conventional oven in ONIDA…. i thought this is the time to change it.. after a long consultation with my friends heard Morphy Richard stands Good in my option….
This post is regard to functions and instructions for OTG, From the day i started baking most of my friends and viewers had the question.. how to choose the Oven, What is Microwave what is OTG.. here i explained the OTG which I’m using…

OTG2 Details:

Brand        : Morphy Richard
Capacity    : 18 Liters
Type          : OTG( Oven Toaster Griller)
Outer Body: Powder Coated/Stainless Still
Inner Chamber : Nonstick Coating

Technical Data:

Power Supply   : AC230V 50Hz
Wattage            : 1380W


  • Cooking Tray
  • Crumb Tray
  • Wire Grill cum Barbecue Tray
  • Rotisserie Rod
  • Rorisserie Prong -2 nos
  • Tong
  • Rotisserie Tong

We purchased this From Hyper City Bangalore(Royal Meenakshi mall), on 13th sep 2013..this is special gadget for doing baking, toast, grill as its suggest from the name we have a idea of this.. this type is not suitable for cooking/ reheating the stuffs…. size was compact what i expected..

As i had very thin manual and instruction guide im posting this is for my sake also….  there is no demo details in server about the type… so i’ll  clearly write my ideas and the function detail of this type..

OTG Means for Oven Toaster Grill, if you love to bake goodies, then blindly you can choose a OTG Oven, Other Cooking and Reheating is not possible in OTG.. OTG baking is Done with the heat of two Rods, itsd like a traditional oven.. Lot of difference is there in baking with a OTG and Microwave.. When i did my first cake the texture, and color was similar to a store bought one.. the cake turns out as good as a bakery one..

It has 3 Knobs To set the option..


1. Temperature Set:

This knob help to set the Temperature as desired for particular recipe..

Otg temperature
  • Timer Knob is used to set the time as per the requirement of the recipe.
  • The knob also ensures the power supply to the unit.
  • To operate the timer, wind the timer clockwise and se it to the required time. supply to the unit will cut off automatically once the set time elapses.
  • If The keep warm mode is required to used for more than 60 minutes, the timer can be by passed, to by pass the timer, rotate the timer knob in anti-clockwise direction and the keep at ON position..
An Acoustic signal from the timer indicates that the OTG is switched OFF.

2. Function Select Knob: 

Otg Functions

* Grill– Both the Rods will in function, Here grilling, Tikkas, can be done, also you can choose the grill mode for 2-3 mins for after baking a cookies, bread or bun, thety give a good crust and brown color…

* Toast– this mode is to preheat for all stuffs, bread pizza can particularly done in this mode..

* Rotisserie– I use this mode for Tandoori chicken…

Rotisserie Fitment:
  • Insert the Rotisserie rod through the food(Eg Full chicken/Corn etc.)
  • Insert prongs on the rod from both the sides of the rotisserie rod so that the food is held between the two prongs.
  • tighten screw of both the prongs on the rotisserie rod.
  • Insert “A” end of the rotisserie rod into rotisserie rod support and insert “B” end of the rotisserie rod into rotisserie rod socket.
  • Close the Door.
  • Set the Temperature/Timer and function knob as per the requirement of the recipe.

To remove rotisserie:

After the grilling is over, the rotisserie rod along with the food item should be removed from the socket with the help of rotisserie tong.
  • Hold the rotisserie tong with both hands.
  • Place the tong rods below the rotisserie rod notches, provided at the extreme ends.
  • Lift up the left end of the rotisserie rod slightly.
  • Push the rotisserie rod towards left so that it comes out of the socket.
  • Now lift the right end of the rotisserie rod.
  • Balance the tong with both hands along with the food item and rotisserie rod while moving out the same.

* Bake- Only the bottom rod will in function, can bake cake, bun, bread, cookies, pizza or anything you want to bake as per recipe instruction can done perfectly in this mode..
Baking a Cake:
  • Prepare the batter as per the recipe instruction
  • Set the temperature in the Knob, Mostly to bake a cake 180C is recommended Temperature.
  • Turn the timer knob to 10 mins.. to preheat the oven..
  • Put the cake pan filled with prepared batter in the preheated Oven.. Set the desired time to bake the bake..
  • Once they done take it out and cool the cake on a wire rack..
Baking Cookie:
  • Prepare the cookie dough as per recipe instruction.
  • Preheat the oven by set the temperature, and timer..
  • Put the cookie ray and bake it for desired timing..
To bake a perfect browned cookie:

I faced So many failure in cookie.. i know cookie is the basic and easy one to bake without any trouble.. but for me it took over a year to learn to bake a perfect cookie.. after i thought my timing is not properly set, then i fall in doubt with the temperature and tried cookie from minimum temperature to maximum temperature.. then atlast i changed my baking pan.. Yes Baking pan is very very important.. earlier i used the cookie tray which i got with the Oven Set.. then i started trying cookie in some cake pan and some other tray.. it turned pretty good what i expected..  I share this sentence with you all, may or may not.. if you find difficult in baking a cookie.. cookie tray too a part of the failure..
Earlier when i was baking the cookie.. i get burnt bottom and under cooked top.. which was annoying me a lot.. now after changing the cookie tray I’m done with the trail.. 

3.Timer Knob:

OTg Tmer

* Timer knob is used to set the time as per the requirement of the recipe.
* The Knob also ensure the Power supply to the unit.
* To operate the timer, wind the timer clockwise and set it to the required time. supply to the unit will cut off automatically once the set time elapses.
* An Acoustic Signal from the Timer indicates that the OTG is switched OFF.

Instruction To Use Before:

  • Unplug the socket when not in use and before cleaning. while removing the plug socket never pull on the powder cod.
  • Do not move or shake the OTG when it is On.
  • Heat spread all over the Surface.. so Careful in handle the Oven when it is ON.
  • Do not touch the heating element, outer metal surface and front glass door of the OTG when in Use & Hot. Use Tongs, Kitchen mitten to handle the Things..
  • Never allow kids to operate the OTG..
  • Do not apply water on the front glass while in operation or when it is hot as the glass could crack otherwise.
  • Leave sufficient space all around the OTG to allow the hot air to escape. take special care to keep the OTG away from flammable materials such as curtains or draperies during and after use. Do not use underneath cupboards.
  • The Knobs are very important don’t regulate the knobs roughly..

General Cleaning and Care:

  1. After use and before cleaning, switch-off the OTG, remove the powder plug from the socket and wait for the OTG to cool
  2. Wipe the glass door and the inner cavity of the OTG with a moistened cloth. Wipe again with a dry cloth.
  3. If any  food particle or liquid has spilled, clean it with damp cloth and let the interior dry throughly.
  4. Never use metal polish or coarse scouring agents for cleaning.
  5. Do not scrub the surface of the cooking tray with any hard or abrasive material while cleaning. Use a sponge or nylon scrubber to clean the surface of cooking tray. TO clean the stubborn food particles on the cooking tray, make a thick paste of normal washing powder using little water and apply on the surface. Keep it for a while, scrub with sponge and wash.

Some recipes which i tried in My OTG

Cakes and bakes:

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  • The temperature knob shows 100, 150, 200 & 250 but if you need to set 180 degree then how do we do it? Where do we set the temperature knob?

  • Thanks a lot for the post Sujitha. Very helpful fun. Especially the cookie tray thing. Just one doubt. Should I keep the cake /cookie tray in the middle rod/bottom rod ?

  • I have bought this OTG but i dont understand if the cooking tray is used for baking cakes? i have not bought additional tools as this is my first bake oven. What other tools will i need?

  • can 1 kg cake be baked in 18 litre morphy otg when keeping the rack in middle slot… also how many muffins/cup cakes can be baked in 18 litre morphy otg??…
    pls suggest tin size for 18 lit morphy otg…thanx in advance

    • Grill- Both the Rods will in function, Here grilling, Tikkas, can be done, also you can choose the grill mode for 2-3 mins for after baking a cookies, bread or bun, thety give a good crust and brown color…
      * Toast- this mode is to preheat for all stuffs, bread pizza can particularly done in this mode..

  • I lost my user manual, can u pls tell me which is grill mode and toast mode..? In which mode both the coils are heated up, in grill mode or toast mode..?

    • Grill- Both the Rods will in function, Here grilling, Tikkas, can be done, also you can choose the grill mode for 2-3 mins for after baking a cookies, bread or bun, thety give a good crust and brown color…
      * Toast- this mode is to preheat for all stuffs, bread pizza can particularly done in this mode..

  • I tried baking cookies and they were perfect on top but got burnt at the bottom
    What type of dish u used for baking and did u keep it on the tray?

  • Hi, to bake cookies do I use both bottom n top rods for baking.
    I have been using only bottom rod, where in the cookies r too dark at the bottom, n the top looks undone.
    Can I use top & middle rack to bake big quantities.

  • Hi Sujitha,
    I have Morphy Richards OTG 60RCSS. When baking cookies, do I have to heat both the rods? Can I bake in two rows, as I have big quantities to bake. Last time I tried, the cookies turned out too brown with both rods, & with the lower rod the top was soft n not crisp. Kindly advice.

    • hello, thanks for dropping your query here.. you can use two racks to baking cookies, as the size is big you can happily go with a large quantity being in two racks.. and for baking option you have to choose the lower rod, preheat the rods and bake your cookies, please give a check with your cookie pan too.. most of the cookie pan comes along with the OTG will be lead these kind of issues..

  • I have bought 52 ltr morphy richards otg. when I bake cake or muffins that browning effect won't come. Please suggest me what functions do I have to select

    • hi puja, which oven and how many litre oven you are using? please try to adjust with different temperature option, and check your baking pan too, try to use good branded pan or a quality based pan for baking.. and make sure you are baking your cake in the middle rack, and if your oven is too small(that is Less than 18 ltr), then use a small baking pan.. and try bake small cakes..

  • Hi Sujitha, I have recently purchased this item..
    Yesterday I was trying to boil potatoes but it couldn't.
    Please tell me how can we boil potatoes in this otg and in which mode?
    Thank you

  • Hello sujitha I recently purchased my otg I am passionate towards baking but I am bit confused how to use it could you just make a video demo how to bake cookies and cake
    Thank you

  • Your article is a godsend! My cousin bought a 40 litre Morphy and by trial and error has started using, what I now see from your article, the grill mode. The grill method uses both top and bottom heaters; baking only the bottom rod according to you, what are the other two settings for? From the odd position going clockwise can you tell me what each setting is for? That is: what the only top heater setting and the one next to it is used for?

  • Hello mam.
    For baking only bottom rode is used right.
    Even i bought new OTG morphy richard 28 liter but I have faced many failures.
    Pls do post about tandoori chicken recipe and all.

  • Hi
    Iam using Morphy Richards 18 Lt OTG my cookies getting burnt from bottom 160 degree 10 min n cup cake 170-80 degree 15 mins plz tell me what to do

  • Hi. I have this same model. Can you list me the sizes of cake tin, bread mould, muffin mould sizes. All i could see is bigger trays which I doubt my otg cannot hold. Also aluminium lemon stick ones?
    Which position is grill and which one is bake? Can you point out? TIA.

    • Hi Karthika, thanks for writing here. Choose Medium sized trays, if it round pan choose its diameter should around 20Cm to 25Cm, Square pan – 20Cm by 20Cm.

      The bottom rod is for baking and for grilling use both the rods.

  • Hi i am using 50litre morphy otg. And i have interested towards making cake. I am using middle rack for baking. And preheated 180celc for 10minutes. Also bottom rod only i am using for cake baking. Whenever i am trying bottom of the cake is coming nice. But top of the cake is not cooking well. Can you give some suggestion about baking cake. Thank you

  • Hi i have morphy richards 52rcss otg. I am using for making cake. Usually i am using middle rack for baking cake with heating up bottom rod. Also i preheat the otg at 180degree celcius for 10 to 15 minutes. And for baking cake by 30 minutes. Bit i am getting result that bottom of the cake is cooking perfectly and top of the cake is not cooking properly. Can you suggest proper method to bake cake in otg. Thank you

    • hi padmavathi, thanks for writing here, please check your recipe, if the recipe is not clear some time this might happen, reason why I'm suggesting you means i have upgraded my 18ltr otg to 52 litre otg, the same I'm following to bake, I'm using only the bottom rod for baking , temperature 180C, and i bake my cake upto 40-50 mins, I'm getting perfect textured one..

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