Ragi Badham Malt

Ragi Badham Malt

Ragi Badham Malt

Ragi Badham Malt, This Easy malt Serves a filling satisfaction for morning breakfast.. Finger millet/Ragi/Koovaragu is a grain which can prepare in any way.. it gives more strength than any other grain,For kids Ragi is the first grain to introduce as solid food..

Once me and Joe talking about Ragi he told, there office had Ragi malt in his Canteen menu , Ragi its a traditional grain karnataka, they use to have this malt in anytime, this is the main breakfast ingredient, Lot of healthy recipes can do using this RagiTongue.. Also recently i heard this ragi malt form a movie called Veeram, hero ajith will buy Ragi malt from a tea stall.. I’m very eager to know, what was it.. once i was browsing in sharmis page, this recipe knocked me to try.. also i had a pack of badham milk powder in hand, so thats very easy for me to do.. immediately i give it a try, its a heavenly combo with badham and ragi.. i love the badham flavor in this malt.. when jess was too young i used to give him ragi milk, Ragi kali, this is a must try recipe.. For sure kids love this its has a rich flavor in itTongue.. really a healthy way to kick start a day in very easy simple preparation with a pack of nutritious malt..okay here you go with the simple delicious malt, do try and let me know how it turned for you..

Ragi Badham Malt2

Ragi Badham Malt

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast/Beverages 
Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins    |  Serves: 2


Ragi flour 4 tsp
Badham milk Powder 1 tsp
Milk 2.5 cups
Sugar 3-4 tsp
Badham 2 nos chopped 


 1. Take the Ragi flour in a non stick kadai and dry toast in low flame till the nutty aroma comes out.. here in the below picture you can see the dfference between the raw flour and roasted flour.. 

Ragi Badham Malt step1

2. Take the roasted flour in a mixing bowl, let it cool for few minutes, add in the badham milk powder, mix this with half cup of milk and make a paste without any lumbs…

Ragi Badham Malt step2

3.In low flame cook the Ragi mix, soon within few mins rage mix get tight and start to roll out from the kadai..

Ragi Badham Malt step3 

4. Once the Ragi mix cooked well, add the remaining milk and mix them well,Off the Flame and broke the lumbs with back of the laddle and cook again to  form a creamy consistency cook this in low flame..Top with chopped Badham..

Ragi Badham Malt step4


    • You can prepare the ragi Balls earlier and add hot milk and dilute it and again bring this to boil to creamy consistency.
    • This mixture thickens very fast than you guess.. so be ready give full attention and give a quick mix to aviod forming lumps… 
    • Use a nonstick kadai or vessel to cook this, i used a normal kadai and faced some trouble in cooking..
    • Adding more milk will gives u a runny texture..
    • Adjust the sugar according to your taste.. here i used mild sugar level..

Ragi Badham Malt1

“Ragi Badham Malt”

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