Ragi Idli/ Finger Millet Idli

Ragi Idli/ Finger Millet Idli
Ragi Idli3

Ragi Idli/ Finger Millet Idli, Again a recipe with Ragi/Finger Millet.. Breakfast is a important role in daily routine, here starting a day with healthy breakfast will be awesome rite..

This Soft Puffy Idli’s doesn’t took much effort to prepare.. in my recent few post I explained some interesting info about Ragi/Finger Millet”,  I prepare this Idli for my FIL when he was here for a visit.. he amazed and loved this healthy idli.. Diabetic Patients can happily add this  healthy idli recipe to their menu.. Ragi is called a poor men grain, very cheap ingredient need to make a healthy breakfast.. Fermented batter had good form of vitamins, that’s why doctors recommend Idli for toddlers, also idli’s are made of steaming process.. this can digest easily.. I hope this post will help you to learn a health breakfast.. Do try and let me know how it turned for you…

Ragi Idli1

Ragi Idli/Fermented Ragi Idli/Finger Millet Idli

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 12 hrs    |  Cook time: 5-10 mins    |  Serves: 15-20 Idli


Ragi Flour 2 cups
Idli Rice 2 cups
Urad dhal 1/2 cup
Methi Seeds 1/2 tsp
Salt as needed
Oil for Greasing


 1. Soak idli Rice separately, Soak urad dhal with methi seeds, here the methi seeds was in bottom.. Now Start grinding the urad dhal in mixer or grinder..Grind it to smooth, check the urad dhal batter by wet your fingers with water touch the batter it should stick your hand.. it’s perfect if the batter didn’t stick your fingers, collect the batter in a mixing bowl and keep them aside..

Ragi Dosai step1
 2. Grind the soaked idli rice and grind it to a smooth paste by adding some water..
Ragi Dosai step2
 3. Add ragi flour along with the Rice batter, if need add some water grind this along with the rice batter to a smooth paste.. mix them along with the urad dhal batter..
Ragi Dosai step3
 4. Add salt to the batter and mix them well with your hands.. keep this for fermentation, it took almost 10-12 hours for me to raise..
Ragi Dosai step4
 5. Grease the Idli mould with some oil and pour the paddle full of batter to it.. and steam this in a steamer for 8-10 mins or till they done..
Ragi Idli step5


    • If you have ragi grains, then soak separately, and grind it along with the idli rice..
    • Fermentation differs for the temperature of the area..
    • Mixing the batter by hands helps to ferment soon..
    • Don’t mix the batter with the laddle after fermentation..

Ragi Idli2

“Ragi Idli/FInger Millet Idli/Fermented Ragi Idli”  With Tomato Chutney,Coriander Chutney, And Sambar

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