White Sauce Sandwich

White Sauce Sandwich

White Sauce Sandwich

White Sauce sandwich, this is a no cheese version.. Sandwich is a most enjoyable breakfast for me.. don’t know from when i started loving it.. My sandwich maker carries a biiiiiiig Story..

 I’m not using a good branded one, its a local made..
Once i bought Some Goodies from a online shopping in a offer unfortunately i received the damaged pack, then i returned those pack, and after the long fight with the customer care they credited my bucks to my account not to my bank account, to their website accountTongue.. then i put very little amount and bought this sandwich maker to compensate the Balance.. luckily i got this sandwich maker, its working well for almost one year.. but when ever i go shopping electronics shop, or in home shopping side, i never miss to check the branded one, and i talk to myself, well for sure you’ll own a branded sandwich makerTongue, if i ask Joe he is not going to say “NO” though having one in hand ,why should i spend to other.. Sandwich maker is a very handy one to use, i love it, can make quick Healthy breakfast with in very few mins.. Also recently i get few mails regards this bread recipe session..these series had a warm welcome from my readers and viewers..

White Sauce Sandwich 2

Coming to this Recipe.. i prepare white sauce for chicken Croquettes, After that,again i find this in a kids recipe book.. okay now i know the white sauce taste and just combined the sauce with regular Vegetable sandwich which carries a no cheese version… here the filling can be any of your choice.. What ever you Love to fill the bread you can choose.. very simple one with comfort filling breakfast or snacks…

White Sauce Sandwich 1
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White Sauce Sandwich

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 5 mins   |  Cook time:  5 mins    |  Serves: 2


Bread 8 slices
Butter 2 tsp
Tomato 1 medium
Onion 1 medium
Oil 2 tsp

Ingredients for white sauce

Butter 2 tsp
Maida/APF 1.5 tsp
Milk 1 cup
Salt as per taste
Pepper 1/2 tsp



 1. Heat a non stick pan with butter, Put the flame to low.. once the butter get melted, add the maida/APF to it…

White Sauce Sandwich Step 1
 2. Quickly give a good stir with the maida/APF, Add the boiled milk to pan.. mix them well using back side of the ladle, press the maida/APF to dissolve it with the milk, mix them well without forming any clumps..
White Sauce Sandwich Step 2
 3. Once They get mix well without any clumps, stir them continuously, with in few 2-3 mins the mix will get thick consistency.. now add the salt and pepper give a quick mix.. switch of the flame.. now the magical sauce is ready to spread…
White Sauce Sandwich Step 3
 4. Preheat the sandwich maker, Take two slices of bread, spread the white sauce over it, Arrange the Tomato and onion, i used one tomato slice for one set.. i like more onions in sandwich.. then add a dllop of butter piece..
White Sauce Sandwich Step 4
 5. Place another slice over the sandwich, drizzle some oil and keep the bread bed in the toaster, toast them till they done.. make slices, serve hot with ketchup..
White Sauce Sandwich Step 5


    • White sauce preparation should in low flame..
    • Adding Oregano to white sauce is your choice.. i planned for a proper indian Sandwich, so i didn’t use another spices here..
    • Stuffing vegetables is your choice, you can add some boiled potatoes too..
    • Use your toaster as per the gudielines..
    • Serving hot is recommended..

White Sauce Sandwich

White Sauce Sandwich 2

White Sauce Sandwich 1

White Sauce Sandwich 3

“White Sauce Sandwich”
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