Cleaning Banana Flower/Banana Blossoms with video help

Cleaning Banana Flower/Banana Blossoms with video help
Cleaning bananah floweru7Cleaning Banana Flower/Banana Blossoms, Do you think cleaning banana flower is a hectic job?? Earlier i had the same feel, but after trying this in by my hands, this is not a that much tough what i think.. in my childhood mom used to clean the flower and i watch it,
i always hesitate to touch the flower, some stains will form in hands.. she apply some oil in hands to remove the stain..Banana flower has a good health benefits, can make so many recipes of it, this is the basic post for beginners, and i hope this post helps a lot for every one.. nowadays i  learnt to clean banana flower without any stain in hands..good think know.. mostly i heard because of cleaning the flower, we won’t buy this vegetable in home.. when i said to my mom, i bought banana flower form market, she wondered, not only she wondered for me, she was stunned of the price, in hometown there is no price for this vegetable, can get this for zero money, most of the backyards are planted with banana plant, here i love to consume this vegetable atlas once in a month.. these precious vegetable had lot of health benefits with great taste, i prepare thooran, coot, vadai, kulambu with this lovely vegetable.. already posted vadai and kulambu recipes in the page, still the koottu and thooran post are in ready.. okay here you guys go with the easy peasy technique, DOnt forget to subscribe my page, and don’t miss a single post, And one more happy news for all, i opened a youtube channel, here this post is updated with my recent video, subscribe my youtube page and give your heartfelt support… thanks in advance..

Vazhaipoo Vadai/Banana Flower Vadai/Banana Flower Fritters
Vazhaippoo Kulambu/Banana Flower Curry


Cleaning bananah flower3

 Spread Newspaper in the table, take a bowl of buttermilk, if you don’t have buttermilk ,then add a tsp of curd in a bowl of water.. dip your hands in the buttermilk and start the mission, this prevents your hand from getting stain..
Banana Blossoms had a red sheet layer the bunch of flowers covered with this sheet, when peel the sheets inside you can able to see a cream color sheet, first peel the sheet and remove the flower bunch and collect them..

Cleaning bananah flower

 Here is some bunches which i collect from the blossoms..

Cleaning bananah flower5

Now take the flowers one by one Separate Stamen and thin sheet from the flower, remove both of them, these both with not cook properly and create trouble in digestion.. so these both part are recommended to remove, when you deeper you may miss the thin sheet from small flowers skip it, but its must to remove the stamen, and check the flowers does it have any other stamen or sheet, chic my video for clear idea.. there i showed some flowers with two stamen and two thin sheet, too.. when your hands get dry dip your hands in the buttermilk and continue the work..

IMG 6432

 And store these cleaned flowers in a airtight box and put them in the refrigerator, to make the morning happy.. and if you have more flowers clean them and store it in refrigerator, it may stay fresh for a week,  chop them to the desired size and make the delicious dishes.. and chop them and drop the banana flower into the buttermilk to avoid decolorisation.. squeeze out from the Buttermilk and cook as per the procedure..

IMG 6434

 Lovely buch of flowers cleaned and getting ready to move to the air tight box..

IMG 6436

 I hope this post is useful for you, if you have any queries regards this write me to my mail, or drop your valuable words in the comment section..

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