Pink Lamingtons Cake- Guest Posst For MahasLovelyHome

Pink Lamingtons Cake- Guest Posst For MahasLovelyHome
Pink Lamington Cake2Pink Leamington’s Cake, This recipe is going to a guest Post for MahasLovelyHome, Maha this is not her name, Writer behind the MahasLovelyHome is Usha Rani, Who is with a great passion of Cooking and sharing the recipes with viewers, She is one of the Good human being whom i found in the blogging world, I don’t how she manage her page with two Little naughty Boys who are equal to an Army, I Fist thank Usha for giving the opportunity..

Mahaslovelyhome had so many nostalgic recipes with Typical South Indian(Andhra)nFlavours, She had a good collection of  Rice varieties, Diet Soups, Low calorie cakes too..I love her nostalgic Recipes with pictures,she is special in making rice bowl which makes other hungry through her nostalgic presentation.. I’m a regular silent viewer of MLH,  Do give a check in her page, and get more collections of good recipes.. 

Pink Lamington Cake1

Pink Lamington Cake: This pink lamington Cake is a delicious one in bake, Lamingtons are of australians preparation.. don’t why the name meant to be lamington, usually these delicious squares are dipped with chocolaty icing and rolled out in coconut powder, when Usha asked me for a guest post, suddenly this lamington came to my mind.. This Delicious cake has a wonderful taste.. those who have sweet tooth and biiiiig sweet tooth will vanish the plate with in a hour, here happened the same though Joe doesn’t had a sweet tooth.. Here you go with the Simple and easy delicious cake.. Pink Laminatons Cake

Pink Lamington Cake3

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