Prawn Roast

Prawn Roast2Prawn Roast, this spicy rich Roast is the best, preparing prawn in any form gives the best result. Once  you finish cooking this roast, your appetite will haunt. Very
good appetiser for a big meal.

This Indian Flavoured spicy roast is the best combo with Biryani, we had this delicious roast with Chicken Biryani. There is Lot of varieties in Prawns, Tiger prawn, Jumbo prawn, normal prawns, small prawn, medium prawn, farm prawn and so on. Recently we went to a restaurant named Kerala Thattu kadai and we tried chicken curry, I felt the fresh flavour from the curry leaves was so good and for the twist I have infused curry leaves with this roast. If you Look for a variation, then try the same recipe with chicken.
Prawn Roast2

step by step instructions for prawn roast

1. Wash and clean the prawns, devein them and set aside.

IMG 7147
 2. Add chilli chicken masala, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and add salt if needed, I have used “shakthi brand masala”
IMG 7148
 3. Mix the masala well and marinate this for 30 mins.
IMG 7149
 4. Heat a pan with oil add the marinated prawns and fry
IMG 7150
 5. Add in the curry leaves once the prawns ooze out its water, and cook in medium flame.
IMG 7151
 6. Cover and cook the prawns. Stir occasionally if needed.
IMG 7152
 7. Once done Serve this with hot steamed Rice and curry.