How to Garden Coriander Plants-DIY

How to Garden Coriander Plants-DIY
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Gardening one of interesting Hobby, After marriage i can’t involve much in gardening work, as Marriage life Locked in a Apartment life, There is no way imagine about the garden, after moving to our own house, I’m lucky enough to have a long balcony, and i was with my 6 month kids, so all my gardening plans were post planned and pushed to a extent, and now, happily i started gardening works, now my kid is 3+ yrs.. No doubt at all, he too help me in gardening..

When i posted my harvest and happy growth of coriander leaves in Facebook, few of my friends enquired about it, i guide them a bit, and few face some flop experience with the coriander gardening, even i too had the same experience with coriander seeds.. once my MIL told me about the idea,i was pretty enough confident to go with the process,  also few of my Facebook group which i follow motivate the work.. and in a  mission i plan for a DIY project, and this is my First ever DIY Project.. Do It Yourself is for  DIY.. and i should say, this project test my patience much, yes i heard with in 2 weeks coriander plants will ready for harvest, for me it took more than 4 weeks, may be i guess because of the climate, December i sowed the seeds, December and January are the cold month, also i guess i should fertile my soil more.. This is not a rocket science formula behind the effort, water your plant daily..

I took some Cans form the loft, halved it.. poke some holes in the bottom, and some in the top of edge to hang them.. fill them with fertilised soil, Loosely pack the soil in the pot or object you are using, This is the first base step for gardening.. poke some holes on the top of the soil, drop the Coriander Seeds, and fill the holes with some soil.. i just used the seeds from my kitchen pantry, i you have a chance to buy any organic coriander seeds or any other good variety then use it..

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Sprinkle water and don’t forget to water your pot.. till you get the germination you have to sprinkle the pot.. This is the growth after a week,        see how the germination pushed out from the soil..

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20 days plants,i found some grassy plants in the pot.. Lovely isn’t it.. i gave check the leaves by crushing a leaf in hands, i was awe smell of coriander.. water your plant daily, if possible add some fertiliser to your plant..

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I don’t know why my plant had some delay in growth this 25th day of my DIY project.. No wi got some coriander leaves shape in it.. and till i have no clues, as i used my pantry seeds, i thought its not that much good variety.. my plant are short enough..

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A click on a morning, lovely isn’t.. i love to watch my plants.. morning with a cup of Green tea around the garden is a great feel like anything.. i love the peace calm minutes..

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How beautiful the leaves grown out, see there a coriander seed in a tip of the leaf..

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All done after 4 wks, My coriander plant is ready for Harvest, This is called as Nattu mall, Country coriander plant..

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Sunny view of my plant..

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And one of my plant has bloomed out, see the coriander flower, small flowers bloomed as a bunch looks so cute..

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I hope this post helps you guys about the Coriander Planting.. Share your thought and comment in the comment session, Dont forget to subscribe my page and Dont miss a single post.. Happy Gardening ….

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