Falooda, so many varieties and variation i found in restaurants..Loaded with Dry fruits and nuts, Fresh fruits, Kind of custard mix.. but i love this plain flavour of bright red berry jelly in the bottom, mixed with pretty pink Rose milk, and to the mid of glazed chia seeds, finally a few scoops of vanilla ice cream on the top..

The name falooda first i heard form my lovely friend, who was my School mate, and till last few years we both chit chat in phone.. missing her when i wrote this here, one fine day when we are in a hurry to pack the things for tuition, she told me this falooda, which loads with the lovely taste.. then we tried in a restaurant too, awe i was flat to dig the delicious.. Now though when ever i saw this name in the menu card reminds my lovely pretty gal.. Hope she is fine some where with God’s Grace.. Coming to the recipe.. This is a Kids Friendly recipe, What Kids Friendly?? don’t think much i’ll explain you.. Jelly, Rose milk, ice cream, These are very close to kids, in the mean time i got your question ice cream for winter season.. No worries giving them a small scoop of ice-cream won’t spoil the whole thing, If you try this for your kids, add some loads of finely chopped fruits of their favourite and serve, how does it looks now.. Come let’s move on to the recipe.. And this is my “Day13 of B365″


Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Cool Drinks
Prep Time: 30 mins  |  Cook time:  1 hour    |  Serves: 3-4


Skimmed Milk 3-4 cups
Rose milk Essence 3-4 tsp
Jelly Crystal 1 pack
Semiya 1/4 cup
Chia Seeds 2 tsp
Vanilla Ice Cream 3-4 scoops



I used Rex Brand Raspberry Jelly here.. End result of the Jelly was awesome.. 
Thumb IMG 9702 1024
Boil a cup of water, Measure and take the water as directed in the Jelly Pack..
Thumb IMG 9705 1024
Cut open the Jelly pack and Mix them well with a teaspoon.. 
Thumb IMG 9706 1024
Transfer the Jelly Mix to a Jelly Mould.. 
Thumb IMG 9707 1024
Take the chai seed a bowl, choose a wide bowl. 
Thumb IMG 9711 1024
Add water to the chia seeds and soak them for 10-15 mins.. slowly the chia seeds transforms into the shape.. 
Thumb IMG 9713 1024
Again heat  a cup of  water and add the roasted vermicelli/Semiya to it.. just check the vermicillie had done soft.. Once they turn soft, Strain out the water and keep them aside..  
Thumb IMG 9709 1024
 Take the Rose milk essence in a wide bowl.. 
Thumb IMG 9714 1024
 Add in the Skimmed milk and give a good mix.. 
Thumb IMG 9715 1024
Here is the Falooda ingredients, Ice cream, Jelly, Chia sees, Rose milk, Semiya..
Thumb IMG 9716 1024
Take a tall glass, Put the Jelly crystals in the bottom.. 
Thumb IMG 9717 1024
 Add in some Vermicelli 
Thumb IMG 9718 1024
Now add a spoon of Chia seeds..
Thumb IMG 9719 1024
Pour the Rose milk..
Thumb IMG 9720 1024
Lovely isn’t add a good enough scoop of icecream to the Top .. 


  • If you use Normal milk, then boil and reduce to half a quantity.. cool them in refrigerator for 3-4 hours.. 
  • Use cold milk for good result.. 
  • Can use any of the ice-cream flavours.. 


Jil Jil Falooda.. 


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