Puttu Upma

Puttu Upma
Puttu Upma1

Puttu upma, Simple tempering for the leftover Puttu, Very Comfort and Easy jiffy recipe, can make this in a blink. Puttu is a Staple Breakfast of Kerala, In our home Mom makes this for every sunday.. And Puttu Upma, only if there is any leftovers she make this tasty upma..

For morning breakfast Puttu, and for the Evening snacks this Puttu Upma, taste super duper with a teaspoon of sugar.. Here i love the Flavours of Ginger, Green chilly.. Mostly Leftover Puttu will sit inside the Refrigerator for two three days, some times it may comes out for reheating.. to reduce the refrigerator use, this recipe gives a hand.. heard from form some where, food that kept inside the refrigerator leads to produce toxin in human body.. don’t how much its true, but avoiding the leftover in refrigerator is much better to lead a healthy life.. hope you guys also counting my post.. this is my Day8 of B365.. Cheers i completed 1week run..
Puttu Upma3

Puttu Upma

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 5m ins  |  Cook time: 5-10 mins    |  Serves: 2


Puttu 3-4 pieces
Oil 2 tsp
Milk/Water 1/4 cup
Mustard 1/2 tsp
Urad dhal 1 tsp
Channa Dhal 1/2 tsp
pearl Onion 4-5 nos
Green Chillie 2 nos
Ginger 1 tsp grated
Curry Leaves 1 spring



Leftover Puttu.. If you have fresh Puttu then take 3-4 pieces 
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Break them without lumps, If its a leftover then sprinkle some water or milk to wet the puttu, only if the puttu is dry then add water or milk 
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All other ingredients, slit the green chillies, Chop the onion and keep them aside.. 
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Heat a pan with oil, Temper with mustard, Urad dhal, Channa dhal, let them pop up.. 
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Add the onion and fry them till they turns pink color.. 
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Once they turn pink color, add the grated ginger and fry them for few mins.. 
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Add in the Curry Leaves and Green chillies, Fry them for few mins.. 
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Now time for the main ingredient.. Add the Puttu
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Mix them well.. If need add some grated coconut and serve hot with Banana and sugar.. 
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      • Add Milk and water only if need.. 
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