Bagels, Never thought i do these kind of breads in my kitchen, from this month i joined the club of Baking Partners, and challenge was chosen by Swathi Iyer..When she gave the link, i was super surprised on the recipe, the one which i never seen, never tasted, even for the taste i have to goole myself, how does bagels taste like??

This is what my knowledge in Bagels.. This Bagel Buns are Originated in Poland, Traditionally they are shaped by hands in the form of ring, from a yeast dough.. which the hated rings are boiled in water syrup(poaching liquid) and then baked. and when i tasted this bread this chewy, soft, crunchy outside, and the next day the out side is soft.. And the bagels are topped with Poopy seeds, Sesame seeds or with sunflower seeds.. And these are about the new bread which i collected from Wikipedia..
When i bake this bread Jess was around me, he asked me repeatedly amma, is this vada you are making?? he recognise the shape with vada.. pretty boy, i said this is bagels, its a kind of bread, he didn’t accept till end he got a piece of bread of taste.. and i used white sesame seeds for my bagels, i don’t have any other choice to take.. the one i really enjoyed while cooking will be bagels.. i have the excitement of trying a new bread recipe..  And this is my “Day 37 of B365″


Recipe Category: Bread/Breakfast
Prep Time: 4-6 hours |  Cook time:20 mins    |  Serves: 2-3


Flour/APF 3 cups
Sugar 3 tsp
Yeast 1 tsp
Warm Water 1 cup
Honey 2 tsp
Salt 1/2 – 3/4 tsp
Oil 4-5 tsp
Sesame Seeds 2 tsp


Ingredients to make the syrup(Poaching Liquid)

Water 2-3 cups
Sugar 4 tsp




Take the Yeast and sugar in a bowl, in the mean time bring the water to warm temperature.. 
Thumb IMG 1036 1024
Add the warm water to the bowl, Keep aside for 10-15 mins
Thumb IMG 1038 1024
After 15 mins you can see the yeast will foam up like this
Thumb IMG 1042 1024
Take 2 cups of flour in a mixing bowl, Add salt to it, bring a hoe in the centre and dry the yeast mix.. 
Thumb IMG 1046 1024
Use a wooden spoon or spatula, mix it well
Thumb IMG 1047 1024
A stick form of dough can be seen in this stage, add honey and mix again.. 
Thumb IMG 1048 1024
Add few tsp of oil and again knead the dough, set them aside for 3-4 hours to till they raise
Thumb IMG 1096 1024
Here is the raised flour.. 
Thumb IMG 1098 1024
Add the another cup of flour and again knead the dough using your palm.. 
Thumb IMG 1099 1024
bring this to a smooth soft textured dough.. 
Thumb IMG 1100 1024
when you punch it should soft and raise.. 
Thumb IMG 1101 1024
pinch the dough into even sized balls.. 
Thumb IMG 1102 1024
Flat each of the balls and make a hole int he centre.. 
Thumb IMG 1104 1024
Arrange the bagels in the greased tray.. let them sit for 30-45 mins to raise the flour.. 
Thumb IMG 1105 1024
Poaching Liquid
Take water and sugar in a bowl, bring this to boil well, slowly drop the bagels into the boiling syrup.. they puff up in size.. bagels should float in this stage
Thumb IMG 1108 1024
Flip the bagels and cook for one minute.. drain out the bagels and again line it to the greased tray.. 
Thumb IMG 1110 1024
See the size difference of the bagels which is not boiled.. 
Thumb IMG 1111 1024
Sprinkle sesame seeds on the top and put the tray into the preheated oven, (Preheat the oven for 10 mins in 200C), bake this for 15 mins.. or till he top turns golden brown color.. 
Thumb IMG 1112 1024
Tada.. All done, ready serve.. 
Thumb IMG 1115 1024


    • Yeast should prove before adding to the flour..
    • First dough should in sticky form.. 
    • Second kneaded dough should in soft, non sticky form.. 
    • While boiling the bagels in the syrup, it should float on the water.. 
    • Sprinkle the sesame seeds or any seeds of your choice, immediately out form water sprinkle them.. 
    • This can be serve as a bread recipe, main dish which suits for breakfast.. i served a batch of bagels with jam 





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