Cake in Sandwich Maker/Chocolate Cake in Sandwich Maker

Cake in Sandwich Maker/Chocolate Cake in Sandwich Maker, Always Cakes are special recipe in Attracting and Covering Kids, to run behind mom.. My Jess is  a Big Fan of it.. Always fond of Cake.. Every time i had to do a box full of cake, first day he will go with it, second day he won’t have that excitement and attraction towards it..

So hardly i reduced baking cake in home, only if i have guest then will give a hand for it.. This time i planned to bake a small batch of cake.. also so much of Power Cuts in our Area, Cant make sense when the power will go, .. And the Sandwich Maker knocks the mind, after i bought the Sandwich hardly 10-15times i might used the device, mostly we end up with French toast.. And one of my friend she had only a Sandwich maker in Hand always discuss about her daughter, she loves cake.. Now i showed this post for every one, Sandwich Maker is not only for making Sandwich, this can be used to prepare these kind of stuff too.. you won’t believe the Texture and soft of the cake i did.. Bachelors who are away form home, or those who don’t have the OTG or Microwave in hands, can easily go for a cake Recipe. Already i posted Steamed Cake recipe, Pressure Cooker Cake recipe, Now a Different one, Cake in Sandwich Maker.. No Need To worry for Temperature, All you need some patience for 5-8 mins, to stand beside the Sandwich maker and to complete the task.. Hope this will be helpful, write me about you r experience. See you all in a Next interesting Easy post.. This is my 73rd Continuous Post..

Cake in Sandwich Maker

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Cake/Baking/Tea TIme
Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook time: 5-8  mins | Serves: 2


APF/Maida 1/4 cup
Cocoa Powder 4-5 tsp
Egg 1 nos
Sugar 1/4 cup
Oil/Butter 1/4 cup
Baking Soda a pinch
Baking Powder a pinch
Vanilla Extract a dash


Open a egg in a mixing bowl.
Ad in sugar and beat the egg and sugar well, beat this for 3-4 mins, so that the sugar grains will dissolve.
Add in oil/Butter to the bowl, again beat this for 3 mins..
And Vanilla Extract to remove the egg smell.. beat again.
Sieve the cocoa powder..
Sieve the APF/Maida, Baking powder and Baking Soda to the Mixing bowl..
Whisk them, to fold the batter..
Switch on the Sandwich Maker, to preheat..
Yes mine got done..
Spred butter or oil for greasing, use a spoon or brush for greasing..
Stop the batter and start filing the Sandwich maker, not more than a single scoop..
Set your time in Mob.. Or manually see the clock..
Cover and allow the Sandwich Maker cook the cake for 5 mins..
Once they done, open the sandwich maker, Slowly flip the pieces using a spoon and Again cover and cook this for 2 mins..
All done,Spongy Spongy Chocolate Sandwich cake is ready


    • While Mixing, make sure to bring all the ingredients in room temperature..
    • Not that much batter need for a single batch, if you have excess batter, then refrigerate for  5 mins, with in 5 mins they will cook..
    • Keep an eye on time, as time has to set manually..
    • Check the Sandwich Maker after 3 mins, once they start to cook, Some device will cook fast, mine took 5 mins to cook on one face.. So make sure to check it..

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