How to Prepare Crud in Home?

How to Prepare Crud in Home?
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 All about how to set Homemade thick curd/How to prepare Curd in Home.. This post is very basic, just for beginners I’m sharing this.. even i was also in your list, when ever i go to Sivakasi, was so happy to see home made Curd, My MIL Prepare its, i love the smell and freshness of the curd..
But i too think of home made Curd is very easy to prepare, and some time i added hot milk, and end with Curdled Curd.. and Some time i wait for a long time to set the curd and end with the sore result.. since i add cold milk it takes more time to set, i some time i forget to put them in Refrigerator once they done, so i lost the interest of making curd in home, once in Chit Chat with MIL was asking about this, she shared some tips, and told some corrections in my preparation, and here i got my masters in making curd in home.. use thick milk to prepare curd.. and once they set put them in refrigerator for good taste.. continuous post on 82
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Take a Clean Glass bowl or Plastic bowl
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Add in Few tsps of Sour Curd(For fermentation) in tamil we call this initial curd as ஊறை(urrai)
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 Add Warm milk to the Bowls.. Make sure the milk is warm not hot milk(if you add hot milk, Curd will be curdled)
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Keep them in warm place, i kept them in a unplugged Microwave to set this soon) 
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 Do not disturb this for 4 hours.. Once they done thick curd will be done.. and They are ready to serve.. 
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Use thick milk for better thick curd.. 

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