Jackfruit Dumpling/Chakka Kozhukattai

Jackfruit Dumpling/Chakka Kozhukattai
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Jackfruit Dumpling,this is my mom’s recipe, we always prepare this recipe in jackfruit season, we preserve Jackfruit by varatti/Halwa kind of recipe, even in Non season jackfruit, we directly add the varati with rice flour, to make this recipe..
Jackfruit is meant to be a delicious fruit, mostly this will be the favourite fruit south Indians.. Seasonal fruits are really a crazy one, here we love mangoes and Jackfruit in seasonal fruit..  

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Rice Flour/Idiyappa Mavu 1 cup
Jack fruit 10-12 nos
Cardamom/Yellaki 2 pc
Sukku/Dry Gigner small pc
Jaggery 1/2 cup


Clean the Jackfruit bulb, by removing the seeds.. 

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 Grind to a smooth puree in a mixer, add cardamom or Dry ginger to the mixer and grind again.. 

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Take the rice flour in a mixing bowl, Add in the Jackfruit pulp to the flour..  

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 In the meantime, take the jaggery in a pan, add some water to dissolve the Jaggery. 

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 Drain the jaggery water to the rice flour.. 

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 use a spoon to mix the dough.. if the dough goes sticky then add few more flour and knead again. 

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 Use Bay leaf, if not that okay, simply make the dumplings like didi kozhukattai.. I simply roll the Bay leaf on to the kozhukatti.. 

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Place them on to the steamer and Cover them with a lid..  

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Steam them for 10-15 mins, in medium flame..   

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  Oce they turn to room temperature, serve them.. 

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