Morru Kulambu/Morru Thalichathu

Morru Kulambu/Morru Thalichathu
Morru Kulambu1
Morru Kulambu, this is  a jiffy curry, We ask mom to do this often.. When there is a working women in home, there is more possibilities of finding quick easy dishes to complete the day..

In that case, my Mom was a working women and mostly she used to make these kind of easy jiffy magical recipes.. and this one is my most favourite curry.. and i should admit my addiction here, without curd, milk i feel something was missing here, that much i like curd and milk, both are my life saver, can give a helping hand in any time of the day.. usually more kulambu had some variation of grind some masala on it… but this one is much more lite and simple to prepare.. even the sore curd will taste good after this preparation.. And this is my 86th continuous post..
Morru Kulambu2

Morru Kulambu/Morru Thalichathu

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Curry
Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook time: 5 mins | Serves: 2


Curd 1.5 cups
Oil 1 tsp
Mustard 1/2 tsp
Red Chilly 2 nos
Curry Leaves 1 spring
Salt to taste
Turmeric Powder a pinch



Beat the curd and set them aside, Heat a pan with oil, put mustard, Red chilly, Curry Leaves to temper.. 
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Add a pinch of turmeric powder, saute it well.. 
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Add the beaten curd and salt to the Pan.. with in 1-2 mins switch off the flame.. 
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Morru Kulambu3

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