Omelette in Sandwich Maker

Omelette in Sandwich Maker
Omelette in Sandwich Maker2
Omelette in Sandwich Maker, Few Days back i tried this omeletteā€¦ Was totally flat on it.. This is such a wonderful handy method for bachelors and this idea will helps more in a needy time..

Like if you plan for a holiday trip, take your sandwich maker along with you, carry some, egg, bread, pepper, salt and small bottle of oil.. thats makes a delicious treat.. Now where  ever  you go for holiday trip, your bucks will fly behind food.. i think this is a wise idea, to carry a sandwich maker along with the Trips.. Not even.. can get other raw ingredient in any where.. and this is a happy post for bachelors.. can make this in very few minutes. but serves a great for breakfast, along with some slices of bread.. continuous post on 83
Omelette in Sandwich Maker1

Omelette in Sandwich Maker

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Breakfast
Prep Time: 5 mins| Cook time: 4-6 mins | Serves: 2


Egg 2 nos
Onion 1 large
Green chill 1 nos
Pepper Powder 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil 1 tsp



Take finely chopped onion in a Bowl. 
Thumb IMG 1805 1024
Add in the Chopped Green chilli, Pepper Powder, salt.. 
Thumb IMG 1806 1024
Mix them use a forks. 
Thumb IMG 1807 1024
Crack the eggs on it.. and beat them well.. 
Thumb IMG 1808 1024
Pre-Heat the Sandwich maker.. Grease some oil on it.. 
Thumb IMG 1809 1024
Scoop the Omelette mix in to the sandwich maker.. 
Thumb IMG 1810 1024
Drizzle some oil on Omelette.. 
Thumb IMG 1811 1024
Cover an dock this till you get the indicator signal. 
Thumb IMG 1812 1024
(after 2 mins) Once they done.. open the sandwich maker and flip the Omelette.. 
Thumb IMG 1813 1024
Again close the sandwich maker and cook them till they done.. 
Thumb IMG 1814 1024
(after 2 mins)Here you go.. 
Thumb IMG 1815 1024


    • You can add your favourite filing.. 
    • While turning, carefully flip them without braking the omelette.. 
    • Depend on Sandwich maker timing will vary.. keep an eye on its indicator.. 
    • Once you done make the sandwich maker to cool down.. swipe the plates with Tissue or kitchen clean towel.. and wipe it with a wet cloth.. make them dry, and put your sandwich maker on its place.. if the plates are removable, then its super easy to clean.. 
Omelette in Sandwich Maker3

Omelette in Sandwich Maker4

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