How to make Ashoka Halwa

Ashoka Halwa1 Ashoka Halwa, Thanjavur Popular Dish, A blend of moong dhal and wheat flour in ghee and sugar, such a mouth melting halwa it is. Ashoka halwa is one of the most popular dish form Thiruvaiyaru in Tamilnadu’s Thanjavur District. The name of the halwa denotes that it the king of halwa.

This halwa is will not be available in sweet shops, mostly people of particular region will makes this for their special occasions. If you ever travel in the delta region of Thiruvaiyaru, do visit the shop “Andavar Halwa Kadai”. The Glaze of the halwa is more attractive to scope more, and the Diwali is around, every where blinking with bright light and  Crackers. This time  I have prepared only few recipes for diwalli, as we are back by last week from our vacation. So here I’m sharing most time consuming easy rich dessert, which makes your family to tempt behind this sweet, and if you love sweet then don’t miss the taste of this halwa. You can add a pinch of kesari powder for color, I just love the real halwa color on it.Ashoka Halwa4

About the Ingredients


Moong dhal is the main ingredient in which the whole structure of halwa will be developed with the help of moong dhal, processing the dhal is the little effort. Dhal should be dry roasted in the pan, once the aroma raises add the ghee and roast again till it turn good golden colour. This step is very very essential for the recipe. since the roasting process infuse good aroma to the halwa. Also dhal is having very good nutrient value, so this dessert is filler kind of dessert.


Wheat fl0ur actually strengthens the structure of halwa. While roasting, keep the flame in low and roast, make sure not to burn the flour.


Ghee is the rich component for the whole recipe, the fat from the ghee helps to give a richer taste.


Cardamom powder enhance a good flavour and produces a mild heat for the desserts. For making homemade cardamom powder, just dry roast the cardamom in a pan, allow it to cool and grind them in a mixer to a fine powder.


Sugar is the main sweetener and taste maker for this recipe.

Ashoka Halwa2

Ashoka Halwa3

Step by step method for preparing Ashoka Halwa Recipe

Measure and take the Moong dhal.
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Dry roast the dhal in a presser pan, dry roast till the aroma raise.
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See the color of the dhal was slightly changed.
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Add a teaspoon of ghee and Roast the dhal.
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You can see the shiny dhal.
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Add 3 cups of water to cook the dhal.. cook the dhal to mushy texture.
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Once they done, release the pressure, mash the dhal and set aside.
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Take the Ghee in the Pan.
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Fry the Raisins and Cashew in ghee and set aside.
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Put the flame in low. Add the wheat flour and mix them well without forming any clumps.
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The wheat flour will cook and you can see the bubble up.
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Once you see the bubbles, add in the mushed dhal.
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Mix them well to absorb the ghee. Add in the Cardamom powder.
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Followed by sugar. Mix well and cook for 2-3 mins in low flame.
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Add remaining ghee if you had.
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Continuously stir for  5mins..
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You can see the glossy texture and the excess ghee will ooze out from the halwa. add in the fried cashew and raisins..
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All done.
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