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Apple almond milkshake2

Apple Almond Milkshake is an extraordinary Rich Drink, Apple are the best Healthy fruit, There is saying “An apple a day will keep the doctor away”. Apples are not my first choice of fruit, but almonds are my favourite one, which I love to add in Most of my recipes.

When i came across this recipe in Sharmis page, was really tempted to give a try on it, and in the first try itself everyone liked it, adopted the recipe and i add more almonds, Apple is one which i add into my new diet, Apples are rich in Iron, and very good diet for lactation Mother, i just plan for a apple milkshake but my end result was too amazing with this healthy tummy filling drink.. Hope this post will helps you, Do try and let me know how it turns for you..

Apple almond milkshake


Apple Almond Milkshake

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Drinks/Juice
Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 4-5



Apple 2 nos
Almond 8-10 (soaked)
Honey 1 tsp
Sugar 4 tsp/ as needed
Boiled Milk 2 cups/ as needed


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Soak the almonds for two hours, peel the skin and set aside.
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Wash, peel out the skin, and chop apples into rough pieces
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Add in the Almonds
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Add a teaspoon of honey, adding honey will retain the apple color..
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Add in the sugar.. Give a blend to crush everything together..
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Add in the milk and blend again..
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All done, serve them in a serving glass, add ice cubes if you want to in chill..


    • Adding honey will retain the apple color
    • Adding more almonds will be rich in taste..
    • Adjust the sugar according to  your taste, and adjust the consistency by adding milk.

Apple almond milkshake

“Apple Almond Milkshake”

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