How to make Drumstick Leaves Soup

Drumstick Leaves Soup1Drumstick Leaves Soup, totally a tickling taste. Longtime back i was trying to record this recipe, this is a  kind of family recipe, i adopted somehow by giving few additional touches here and there to be a quick recipe.

Another diabetic recipes with very handy ingredients, this exotic soup is the best for pregnancy moms, with very less ingredients you can make a yummy soup which keeps you fit, Drumstick leaves are easily available in small towns and cities, here in our place its little hard to find a good fresh leaves as i used in this recipe, hope this will be an useful post and i got lot of positive feeds for this soup series, I’m very happy to back with my blogging that too with a fitness recipe, enjoying a lot of this soupy walk..
This is “Soup sereies” Event which is posted by Alternative days with my co-blogger Priya of “Priyasmenu” we are posting few soup recipes, check more interesting innovated recipes in the below link..Easycooking’s  “SoupSeries Recipes
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Drumstick Leaves Soup2
My Drumstick leaves was harvested from my help girls home, i was so happy to receive the pack of fresh bunch leaves and there is no delay as it was planed for very early to prepare for this post, and i didn’t leave the sticks too, use altogether with this soup.. Drumstick tree is more herbal related one, from tip to root it has lot of medicinal value, so i didn’t waste a single bit..
Drumstick Leaves Soup3

Drumstick Leaves Soup

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Soup
Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook time: 20 mins | Serves: 2


Drumstick Leaves 1 cup
Oil(Gingelly oil/Olive Oil) 1 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Jeera Powder 1/2 tsp
Pepper Powder 1 tsp
Pearl Onion 4-5 nos
Garlic 3-4 pods
Ladies Finger 3 nos
Tomato 1 medium sized
Salt to taste



Wash and chop tomatoes, roughly chop pearl onion, ladies finger, no need to peel of the garlic, give a wash and keep together..
Thumb IMG 4273 1024
Here is my fresh Drumstick Leaves, Wash them in water..(no need to plug the leaves alone, but wash well and use)
Thumb IMG 4274 1024
Heat the pressure cooker with oil(Gngelly/Olive), Temper with Jeera
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Add, Perl onion, Garlic, Ladies finger, tomato fry for a while
Thumb IMG 4276 1024
Add in the Drumstick Leaves, and fry along with them..
Thumb IMG 4280 1024
Add 3 cups of water, salt, Pepper powder, Jeera powder, Pressure cook this for 2 whistles..
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Once the pressure release, open up, and drain the Stock(soup), Squeeze the Content if needed
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There you go, yummy drumstick soup is ready to serve..
Thumb IMG 4288 1024
Fresh drumstick leaves which makes more nostalgic for soup..
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    • Ladies finger is completely of my choice, texture of soup vary by adding ladies finger, so i added to my recipe, if you are not interested with ladies finger taste you can avoid
    • Serve soup in hot if need add pepper powder.
    • Make sure on slat, while heating or on cooking the salt will be less, but once the soup was ready the exact taste will emit, so carful on adding salt.

Drumstick Leaves Soup4

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