How to make Lauki Soup/Bottel Gourd Soup/சுரைக்காய் சூப்

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Lauki Soup, Fifth recipe in Soup series, When Priya and me decide for this Event we are not sure what we are going to head on, but this leads really a good collection of recipes with and This is my favourite soup with Low Calorie..

I Love this Soup, this Peppery hot sop is good for this climate, Bottle Gourd is one of the best veggie Listed in Weight Losing, This Soup has very less ingredients and taste was so great when compared to other Weight losing Soups.. Butter flavour enhance a rich taste to the soup, if you seek more conscious the substitute butter with Gingelly oil/Olive oil..
This is “Soup sereies” Event which is posted by Alternative days with my co-blogger Priya of “Priyasmenu” we are posting few soup recipes in check more interesting innovated recipes in the below link..Easycooking’s  “SoupSeries Recipes
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Lauki Soup2

Lauki Soup/Bottel Gourd Soup
Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time: 12 hrs | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 2


Bottle Gourd write
Pearl onion write
Garlic write
Pepper write
Jeera write
Butter write
Salt write
Pepper Powder write
Corn Flour write


Peel and Chop the Bottle Gourd, Add in the Chopped Pearl onion, Garlic, Jeera, Pepper corns in the sauce pan.
Thumb IMG 3982 1024
Add water, salt to the pan, Cook this till the veggies are done.
Thumb IMG 3983 1024
Make them cool, Reserve the Water for cooking..
Thumb IMG 3984 1024
Blend the Veggies to a puree
Thumb IMG 3985 1024
Heat a pan with Butter
Thumb IMG 3986 1024
Temper with Jeera.
Thumb IMG 3987 1024
Add the Veggie puree
Thumb IMG 3988 1024
Followed by add the reserved water to the pan..
Thumb IMG 3989 1024
Mix the corn flour with Water..
Thumb IMG 3990 1024
Add in the pepper powder and allow this to boil for few mins.
Thumb IMG 3991 1024
Add the Corn starch to the Pan and cook till they get a thick consistency..
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Lauki Soup1

“Lauki Soup”

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