How to make Attu Kaal Paaya/Kulambu

Aatu Kaal Kulambu Paya3
Attu Kaal Paya/Kulambu, Signature recipe of my MIL’s Home, She prepares the mutton recipe in the planet, always i will have learning session to improve my cooking skill, Till date she never had a note or diary to note her recipes.
Really a Gift for her, for me every six months i have a scribbling note in my kitchen, which carries so and so recipes without titles and topics.. well I’m little lazy in organising things.. the same continued in my cooking notes too.
I was pushing this post for a long time, Joe’s Favourite curry. This curry includes very less coconut and best to go with Rice, Roti, Idli, Dosa and Appam.. I have used smoked Legs here, if you didn’t get the smoked one, then you should cook them in “direct flame” to remove the thin hairs. Nowadays I’m using more curry leaves in my Cooking, in this recipe curry leaves play a good role, which enhance a nice flavour and taste. Pressure cooking the legs are vey important which take more time to cook.. Hope this post helps you for learning a easy paya recipe.
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