How to make Punjabi Lassi

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Summer in peak, and I’m back with an super duper easy recipe Punjabi Lassi, this recipe calls for its richness, Lassi is an super cooler for Summer, an easy way to feed everyone with an exotic drink..
This is our most favourite recipe, specially during occasions or by weekends i don’t have time to make dessert, then this will be the king in our dining table.

Yeah i called this as a King for it flavour and rich taste, i first tasted this recipe in a punjabi restaurants, so i called this as Punjabi Lassi, i was too surprised to see that the lassi was loaded with rich nuts and saffron.. Definitely this “Beat the heat” Summer Recipes will be more handy for you guys.

And again we started our “Summer Drinks” with my blogger friends, Priya from Priyas Menu and Shobana from Shoba’s Delight.. they too share most innovative summer drinks, Earlier my page and Priyas page join together in winter to share some nostalgic Soup Series, Now again we are back to join our hands in Summer Drinks, i call this as Beat the Heat. Hope my Post helps you guys to know about this recipe, DO try and Leat me know about your experience..
Here is Priyas Link For Summer Special recipes “Priyas Menu”
and Shobanas Link From “Shoba’s Delight” 
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