Turkey Biryani

For Our Easter menu I want some different twist in my cooking, so I choose the main ingredient as Turkey, which is very new to me, not even I tasted the meat, but have the clear incitation to try this Biryani. So I combined my style of biryani and my moms style together, and the final result was fantastic with very unique taste.

Turkey is a great source of protein. Turkey has a rich taste as its compared to the chicken. Can make wonderful stocks and broth out of it. A turkey is bigger than a Chicken, before buying you should plan your meal bigger.

Turkey Biryani1

Should talk about the Display properties, The Copper plate was my Joe’s Surprise, he purchased this for me when he tired to shop out with my son while I was in the bed rest period for my second Pregnancy, that cute copper bowl too. The little copper kadai was my collection from Sivakasi, and the glass tumbler is new addition, as we run the “Beat the Heat” Tittle i went for a local shopping in our area and found this is value for the money.


Fresh herb and ingredients will enhance the flavour the biryani. In India Biryani has so many variations from states, regions, cities, villages. South India has the most unique taste and flavourful biryani’s like “Thalapakatti biryani, Ambur Star biryani, Venu biryani(Dindigul), Malabar biryani, Thalaserry biryani” the list will never end. I aways my moms special biryani which she puts lot of effort to make it perfect the taste of her biryani will be the same.

This recipe can be long with quite a long list of ingredients, but the end result was a satisfying one. Same preparation can be followed for chicken biryani too. Turkey is bigger than chicken. Before getting the meat plan the meal properly, since its comes with large quantity.

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Step by step method


Here is our Turkey pack, its highly impossible to find a 1 kg turkey here, so we bought in big quantity, i prepared Turkey Roast along with the Biryani
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Approximately i measured 1 kg of meat in a bowl..
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In another bowl, squeeze out the lemon.. Turkey is meat is bit hard to taste so adding these lemon will helps the meat to cook in soft texture..
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Add the marinated masala ingredients from the table, I have added chilli powder, gharam masala, turmeric powder and salt, for measurements please check the ingredient table.
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Mix them well with a spoon, add curd to make a creamy texture..
Thumb IMG 5241 1024
There i go the masala for marination..
Thumb IMG 5242 1024
Add the washed pieces of meat to the masala..
Thumb IMG 5243 1024
Keep them aside for marination, Over night marination is recommend for best result..
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Heat a pan, you really need a big pan to cook this biryani, i used my 11 litre biryani pot to make this dish.. Add ghee and oil, wait until they heat up evenly, once done add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, Fennel seeds and star anise, i don’t have bay leaf in hands, if you have bay leaf the add a leaf in this step.
Thumb IMG 5250 1024
Add in the thinly sliced onion to the pan.. allow onion to cook completely..
Thumb IMG 5251 1024
See how they turns to beautiful brown color..
Thumb IMG 5252 1024
Add chopped tomatoes once done..
Thumb IMG 5253 1024
Cook tomatoes until they turn mushy..
Thumb IMG 5254 1024
After the tomatoes are done, add in the Turkey biryani masala(please the ingredients and measurements for the masala in the above ingredient table), this masala has to cook completely, for it took around 10 mins to cook them completely, stir the masala if needed..
Thumb IMG 5255 1024
And now th Garlic part, I didnt peel the skin of Garlic, I’m have very tough time in my kitchen with my little kids, so i used garlic along with the skin, but we like the pungent smell of it from the skin, so i grounded directly and add in to the pot..
Thumb IMG 5256 1024
Followed by cleaned chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves.. sauce them well till they shrink off
Thumb IMG 5257 1024
Add the marinated meat and a cup of curd, this procedure makes the meat to soft.. Give a good mix..
Thumb IMG 5258 1024
Now here comes the Grounded pearl onion paste.
Thumb IMG 5259 1024
Followed by green chilies..
Thumb IMG 5260 1024
I add chilli powder extra, as we need a spicy one ,if you don’t want this step you can skip this, mix them well and cook till the meat get soft..
Thumb IMG 5262 1024
In the mean time take Basmathi rice, i used India Gate Classic rice for this recipe.. Wash clean and soak the rice in water for 10 mins..
Thumb IMG 5261 1024
Once th meat get cooked, add the drained rice.
Thumb IMG 5263 1024
Mix well to spread the rice with the meat masala..
Thumb IMG 5264 1024
Add enough coconut milk + Water, i used two cups of coconut milk and rest with Water, to cook basmati rice you need 2 ups of water for one cup of rice… measure to your appropriate measure..
Thumb IMG 5265 1024
Add remaining Coriander leaves and mint leaves..
Thumb IMG 5266 1024
and a tsp of lemon juice..
Thumb IMG 5275 1024
Once the water was absorbed, add a drop of ghee over the rice, switch off the flame..
Thumb IMG 5276 1024
Put the lid back, and do not open this for 10-15 mins
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Thumb IMG 5288 1024

Turkey Biryani3

 “Turkey Biryani”