Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon Cooler
Watermelon Cooler1Watermelon Cooler is meant is absolute cooling sip to Beat the Heat, when i had the chance again to explore my cooking i was engaged myself to think more on my Summer Drinks topic, Special thanks to Shobana and Priya who motivated to start this batch of recipes..

Melons are flooding in streets and choosing a good tasty one is much more difficult job, i have no idea on it, but Joe he does his job well, whenever i want these stuffs he only choose my ingredients from his sixth sense, always i amazed on his choice, he never end with a bad quality one even that from road side purchase, this time when he bought this melon i was bit upset coz he bought he bought a bag full of other fruits, where i hold a small refrigerator it highly challenging for me to dumb my stuffs.. so this was sitting in my counter fr more than a weak, and when priya , shobana calls up for this series i was overwhelmed to join, already i have more and more ready stuffs in had know so my intention is to finish up all those stocks and to plan for fruit shopping again..

Watermelon Cooler2

Cooler meant to be for the Sabja seeds, they generally used in recipes to reduce the heat of body, there is no taste at all, but the medicine facts behind the little seeds are too high with zero calories, you can add some ice cubes too when serving..

Watermelon Cooler3

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Watermelon Cooler

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Drinks
Prep Time:0 mins | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 2


Watermelon 1/2 kg
Sabja Seeds 1 tsp
Sugar 3-4 tsp



Half slit the melon, cube out the melon chunks in a big bowl.. use your normal cleaning procedure, as i didn’t applied any special tricks or tips here to take out the melons.. 
Thumb IMG 5329 1024
Take sabra seeds in a bowl
Thumb IMG 5330 1024
Add enough water to it, let them sit aside for 30 mins.
Thumb IMG 5331 1024
Here is my result after 30 mins, still few more sabja seeds need to puff up. 
Thumb IMG 5335 1024
Take the chunked or cubed melons in a blender, add sugar, blend them well till the melons get crushed
Thumb IMG 5332 1024
Strain the juice using a strainer, adjust enough water to your consistency. 
Thumb IMG 5333 1024
Immediately drop them in the serving glass
Thumb IMG 5334 1024
Add enough soaked sabja seeds to the glass.
Thumb IMG 5336 1024


    • Soak sabja seeds in a prior condition
    • Can add few drops of lemon for a variation
    • Adjust the sugar level to your taste.. 

Watermelon Cooler4

“WaterMelon Cooler” 
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