How to Roast Whole Chicken in OTG?

How to Roast Whole Chicken  in OTG?
Whole chicken roast1Whole Chicken Roast, After a long gap I’m posting a chicken recipe in my blog. This recipe was inspired form a kebab shop near our house, they serve this as whole tandoori chicken, I converted the original recipe to Roasted chicken.

When i planned to make this Roast in my new oven, i don’t any have clue to conclude the outcome result, but the end result was very delicious than i expected. When i was in the waiting(cooking) time, i don’t have the patience to check my Oven, as i covered the pan with foil i was not able to see the chicken, so in the final step i removed the foil and cooked for 20-30 mins.Tried this Roast with normal Indian masala’s, i have added oregano in my recipe, that is an optional ingredient, all other masala’s are homemade one.. Lemon and curd help to turn the chicken in tender taste. I couldn’t present a good main picture here, i prepared in late evening and finally this was ready for our weekend dinner so i took main photoshoot within few mins, not at all satisfied with the lightning too, anyhow i don’t want to miss this recipe here.This was so delicious and satisfied than the restaurant one, i used olive oil for this recipe, without guilt i served those masala’s along with the chicken, and i didn’t add any food colour in my recipe.

Whole Chicken Roast2

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Whole Chicken Roast

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Chicken
Prep Time: 12 hrs | Cook time: 2 hrs mins | Serves: 4-5


Whole Chicken with skin 1.5 kg
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp
Lemon 2
Curd 1/4 cup
Chillie powder 3-4 tsp
Coriander Powder 3-4 tsp
Oregano 1 tsp (optional)
Garam Masala 1/2 tsp
Pepper Powder 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Olive Oil 1/4 cup
Ginger 2″
Garlic 8-10 pods



Take whole chicken wash well and clean completely, make slits as shown in the picture, i got slitted from the shop itself.
Thumb IMG 5480 1024
Other side of the whole chicken, First time I handle this kind of chicken, i was quite nervous to prepare this recipe..
Thumb IMG 5482 1024
Squeeze the Lemon juice, remove seeds from the juice.
Thumb IMG 5483 1024
Add in Turmeric and make a base marination with lemon juice and Turmeric powder..
Thumb IMG 5484 1024
I used my greasing brush to spread the masala, as it was very watery this brush helps me to spread the mix all over the chicken..
Thumb IMG 5486 1024
Apply the marination mix generously to the chicken, this step helps the meat to be soft.. Keep aside for 30 mins marination.. Reserve the extra lemon and turmeric mix for later use
Thumb IMG 5487 1024
Take curd, chillie powder, Coriander Powder
Thumb IMG 5488 1024
Add Oregano to the masala
Thumb IMG 5489 1024
Add olive oil or any vegetable oil to mix the masala, don’t add water in this step, masala should prepare in curd and oil..
Thumb IMG 5490 1024
Add Garam masala and pepper powder
Thumb IMG 5491 1024
I used 2” of ginger and 10 pods of garlic, i never peel garlic as i love the pungent smell in recipes, if you wish you can remove the skin of garlic pods, Crush them in a mixer
Thumb IMG 5492 1024
Add the coarsely grounded Ginger Garlic to the masala
Thumb IMG 5493 1024
Mix well, Add required salt to the masala.. now add in the leftover lemon turmeric mix..
Thumb IMG 5494 1024
I’m done with my masala preparation, now generously start to spread the masala all over the chicken, massage well to spread them in even..
Thumb IMG 5495 1024
Dont forget to rub the masala inside the chicken..
Thumb IMG 5497 1024
Turn over and start spreading masala to the other side.
Thumb IMG 5498 1024
All done, keep aside for marination, over night marination recommended for best result, or 4-5 hours marination needed
Thumb IMG 5499 1024
Use a thread to tie the legs
Thumb IMG 5500 1024
Chicken was dressed up and in marination..
Thumb IMG 5502 1024
Carefully transfer the marinated chicken to the baking pan.
Thumb IMG 5528 1024
put those lemon skin to the chicken, here the lemons will cook along with the chicken and they make the meat to be more tender
Thumb IMG 5529 1024
It’s ready to move into the Oven
Thumb IMG 5530 1024
Cover them with a foil paper, i covered the chicken to avoid splashing masala into my oven
Thumb IMG 5531 1024
Put the prepared pan into the Preheated oven, Preheat for 15 mins in 220C temperature, Grilling mode should used here, that means both the rod should should get power. cook for 30 mins
Thumb IMG 5534 1024
After 30 mins take out the baking pan, remove the foil and brush with the masala that collected in the pan.. brush well again cover it with the foil paper..
Thumb IMG 5536 1024
Again cook for another 30 mins
Thumb IMG 5537 1024
Repeat the brushing process here too
Thumb IMG 5538 1024
You can see the masala brushed chicken
Thumb IMG 5540 1024
Again cover it with the foil and cook for another 30 mins..
Thumb IMG 5541 1024
Repeat the masala brushing in this stage you can remove the foil paper and cook for another 20 mins..
Thumb IMG 5543 1024
Cook till they done, brush with masala often to keep the chicken soft..
Thumb IMG 5549 1024
All done..
Thumb IMG 5550 1024
Remove those thread and lemon skin, Cut those whole chicken into pieces using a kitchen scissors
Thumb IMG 5551 1024
Tada.. Chicken Roast is ready, serve with Sliced onion and lemon slices
Whole chicken roast1


    • Adjust the Spice to your taste.. 
    • Instead of olive oil you can use vegetable oil. 
    • Marination is a must procedure here, try for overnight marination for best result.
    • Use chicken with skin for better taste. 
    • Cooking time may vary form oven to oven mine is 52 litre oven, hardly it took 2 hours to finish the cooking process.

Whole Chicken Roast3

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