How to make Ambur Star Chicken biryani

Ambur Star Biryani1

Today I’m with a super hit recipe “Ambur Star Biryani”, I have worked so many times with the recipe to bring back the replica of original recipe. I have a old post with Ambur recipe, by last week I was about to check a video in youtube which covers all the corner loop of the original recipe, this time confidently I can say “this is the best ever biryani” which I made to match the source recipe.

Ambur is a town form Vellore District of Tamilnadu which is very famous for its lip smacking Biryani and Brinjal Thokku. Star Biryani Branch in BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore is their first branch we still have the nostalgic feel while going around that area. That is our often visited spot before six years, after moving so far the BTM layout the frequency of visiting reduced because of distance, though if we plan for a biryani day “Star Biryani” will be the our first choice. I have tried so many varieties of biryani, but when ever I taste star biryani platter, always that’s a question mark over my head, how the red colour comes to this rice, that secret revealed in this version.Ambur Star Biryani4

The video i mentioned above was hosted by Rakesh Raghunathan, who is the author of puliyogaretravels and the host of Sutralam Suvaikalam program from News7 Tamil channel, Here is the Original recipe video hosted by Rakesh.
Ambur Star Biryani5

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