How to make Hot and Sweet Apple Sauce

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Hot and Sweet Apple Cinnamon Chutney with a piece of wheat bread or with a wheat paratha will be a fresh start for a monsoon morning. Chutney/sauces are so easy to make and when they pair with the appropriate food, they make a fabulous flavour and touch. Sweet chilli sauce are the best condiments where they go with all types of foods, and it’s super easy to make in home.

The addition of dried red chilli flakes add a “warming” gentle sensation in your mouth. Indeed this is not so hot, the sweetness will dominate in the first bite and then the fiery hotness will head off to add a depth of flavours. I plan to try this recipe with tropical fruit, but i don’t have pineapple in hands to try. If you love sweet and chilli sauce, then don’t miss this amazing sauce.

This is my First post for Shhhhh Secretly cooking challenge for the month July. Our Group decided to take challenge with chutney recipe, this group members will paired and the paired members share their secret ingredient’s to took the challenge. As per chart this month, I was paired with Amrita writer of The Food Samaritan.

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Amrita Gave me a fruit of my choice and cinnamon to make this challenge, at first I was thinking with pineapples, then plums and the mission ended with red apple. Hot & sweet Apple cinnamon chutney is such an delicious fiery dip. This sauce can be used to prepare pasta too. Hope you all like this post, try this out and let me know about your experience.


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Step By Step Picture Instruction for Hot and Sweet Apple Sauce

Take two teaspoons of Corn flour in a bowl


Add some water and make the corn starch


 Take the Red chillies and blend them in a dry mixer to a coarse form, if you have red chilli flakes then skip this step.


Peel and chop the apple into cubes, take apple pieces and lemon juices to the mixer and blend them to a smooth puree


 Take red chilli flakes Sugar and cinnamon Powder in a pan


 Add the apple puree to the pan, start cooking them in medium flame


 Once the sugar melts, you see the mixture gets bubbled up, keep the flame in medium low and cook again for 10 mins


Add in the Corn starch and cook again for few more mins in medium flame


Stir and cook well, slowly the content turns to thick mass consistency


 Cook till the content gets the glossy texture, make them cool and store them in a refrigerator


This sweet & hot sauce was too good with wheat bread

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