How to Make Mango Jam?

How to Make Mango Jam?

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Mango Jam/Homemade Mango Jam, To make a homemade jam is my long time wish. That comes true in this mango season. Very much happy to share this Homemade Mango Jam recipe, because i Learn the perfect texture to make Jam.

My mom Prepares so many types of homemade Jam with Organic fruits, Which are grown from our farm. But sometime the texture was not appealing somehow it shows the homemade consistency, though she cook for a long time, the Perfect Jelly kind of texture will miss.

She don’t use any preservatives other than Citric acid, that also if she had fresh lemon juice to add she never add Citric acid in her recipe. So In my Project I want to learn the perfect texture too, So i waited patiently to learn about the Ingredients and their needs.

When I Browsed, Pectin is used as a setting agent in homemade Jam. Pectin is a naturally occurring substance(a polyscaccaride) found in berries, apples and other fruits. When heated together with sugar, it causes a thickening that is the characteristic of jams and jellies. I used powered pectin which i found in Amazon if you want to browse the pectin click over the link.

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Kids love to roll jam with Dosa,Roti, some kids simply like to have a spoonful of Jam. Even my nephew did the same, he asked to give Jam like Halwa. If its a homemade one then there is no guilt to tempt them with Jam to feed some more healthy food.

However, Be sure What you are giving to your kid is a complete sugary food. I planned to make few more jam varieties with seasonal fruits. I assure that once if you try to make homemade Jam you will go addict to make more. Scroll down for the complete Recipe. Hope this post will be helpful.

Step by Step Picture Instruction

Wash and towel dry the mangoes, peel them and chop in to pieces, take the chopped Mango pieces in a blender

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Blend to a smooth Puree.

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 Measure and transfer the Mango puree to the Pan, Add in the Sugar too.

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Mix the sugar and mango puree well, heat them in medium flame.

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After !0 mins or once you see the glaze add in the curshed cardamom/vanilla essence

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Add in the Citric acid/Lemon Juice to the Mix.

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Mix them well and allow to cook in medium high flame, now you can see the mango mix will ooze out the bubbles, Once the bubbles ooze out, put the flame to low. Stir often and cook the mix.

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Now you can see the mango mix is more glazed and got a transparent look, Add in the Pectin Powder and cook more, if you don’t have pectin, then cook the jam till the consistency reach to the level.

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Take a bowl of water and drop a pinch of jam in the water, jam should settle down as like in the below picture.

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Store them in Glass bottle.

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 Home made mango spread in bread, for our tea time.

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