How to Make Peanut Butter in Preethi Turbo chopper


Peanut Butter is an expensive one in shops and market. How about making some healthy peanut butter in home with cost effective source? Here is the complete recipe of Healthy homemade peanut butter, the process time take around 3-5 mins with the help of “Preethi Turbo Chopper”.

Recently I got his wonderful product from Preethi Kitchen Appliances to explore my review. The best part is I took this chance to invent old fashioned recipes by using this chopper. However, Converting old fashioned recipes must under the rule line to get the exact finish. In the same way I found Preethi Turbo chopper can work like a mini food processor, that help a busy home maker’s life into a easy way. Preethi Turbo chopper converts a normal home maker to a super homemaker. I Realised that after receiving my hamper, I spent very less time in my kitchen to chopping and mincing the vegetables.

Mainly a Chopper can chop and blend, but “Preethi Turbo chopper” Helps to chop veggies from onion, garlic to Spinach in one touch, blending foods are done in less than a minute, and here I processed some peanuts to make peanut butter. The one touch function and mess free installation helps to use them in a minute.

In this post I explain about homemade peanut butter. 150 gms of peanut butter in the Indian market retail price is about 250 INR, but 150gms of  homemade peanut butter will cost around 20 INR with 3-5 mins of time.

All you need is only two ingredients for this delicious spread. The same process can followed in food processor to make large quantity. Hope this post helps to know about the homemade peanut butter and the smart function of “Preethi Turbo chopper” with one touch.

Preethi Turbo chopper is extremely handy, simple to operate and multi-utility in nature, this Preethi Turbo Chop has a 450 watt motor that will help to chop or to make chutneys in seconds. This can be used as hand blender to make gourmet dips or grind nuts easily.

This turbo chop has high precision super sharp blades that will mince meat in a minute and perform many other functions as efficiently. With this device, kitchen jobs will be done quickly became it has a hassle-free operation and cleaning it is super easy.

PEanut butter3

Step by Step Picture Instruction of Peanut butter

Roast raw peanuts in a kadai, cool them and remove the skin of the peanuts, Take the pealed peanuts to the Preethi turbo chopper’s bowl, place the blade in the centre.


Place the choppers lid over the blade.


 Properly fix the motor over the lid. Switch ON and give one touch press for 2-3 seconds.


 A coarse mix of peanuts will form, again touch the motor on top to blend the peanuts.


Now after one minute peanuts will grind to a fine powder with some moisture.


 Add 2 tsp of peanut oil to the bowl.


Adding oil will give more moisture to the mix and helps to release he butter easily. Blend again for few more mins till the mixture get a glossy look.


 Here is the final result of my peanut butter.


Delicious homemade peanut butter is ready to spread over the beard.