How to Make Egg Bajji Curry

Egg Bajji Curry1

Egg Bajji Curry, Fried Egg Bajjis dipped in a mild spiced tomato onion gravy and coconut fennel paste. Adding Fennel seeds to the coconut paste brings an special flavour to the curry.

Egg bajji Curry taste different from usual egg curries. That day I had some Left over Egg bajji from our breakfast, So I planned for this curry with those leftover Bajji’s. Totally yum Curry, when you make from scratch the whole process looks lengthy. But if you are a eggetarian then there is no offence in making some Egg bajji’s for morning breakfast or for Evening tea time, and converting those left over to make this yummy curry for lunch or for dinner. Only few bajji are enough to make this curry.
Egg Bajji Curry2

Step by Step picture instruction for Egg bajji curry

Heat a kadai with oil, add roughly chopped onion and Garlic pods.

Add in the green chilies
Add Roughly chopped Tomatoes
Roast them for few mins, bring the mix to room temperature and ground this to smooth paste.
Heat a pan with oil, Add Cinnamon, Cloves, cardamon for tempering.
Add Jeera, Slitted Green chillies and curry leaves.
Add in the finely chopped onion and fry this till they turns translucent.
Add in the Ground paste and saute well for few mins.
Take coconut and Fennel seeds in the mixer and ground this to a smooth paste.
Add this Grounded Coconut paste to the pan.
Add Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander powder and salt
Add a cup of water and bring this to boil.
Once the curry start to boil well, add the Egg bajji’s
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve.