How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream in Preethi Turbo Chopper

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 Vanilla Ice Cream, Here I bring you a Wonderful dessert. Summer is yet to start in Bangalore, almost the day light looks like the peak summer. I thought to make this delightful ice-cream to start my first post of the year.

I made this whole recipe with the help of “Preethi Turbo Chopper”, which I got for the review purpose. I was using it form November, I feel wonderful to use the one touch chopper From November my cutting and chopping time in the kitchen has reduced much. To make Ice-cream Recipes in home, you need a expensive food processor, or a Expensive Ice-cream maker, or atleast a mixer you need to process the ice-cream. Now here and end for all those expensive gadgets, not only expensive they occupy your lively spaces too. I explore this one touch magical machine for this ice cream and the final result was absolute success. I bet you, if you try this vanilla ice cream in home you never seek for a store bought ice-cream box anymore. The Richness, creamy texture and taste will take you to the next level.

Table Of Contents

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I used Amul cream and condensed milk for my recipe, if you had a home made cream then try to use them.
Take all the ingredients in the Chopper bowl.
All set to go.
Give a one press touch on the chopper to churn the ingredients, repeat for 2-3 mins.
Transfer the content to the air-tight box
Freeze them for 4-5 hours
Checkt he Teute, you can see the crystallised texture.
Transfer the frozen content to the chopper bowl
Churn again to get a smooth texture.
Transfer them to the Air-tight box

Again freeze them for 4-5 hours. (still if you found difficult to get the creamy texture then add few more teaspoons of cream and repeat)