How to Make Mohanthal


Mohanthal is a Gujarati cuisine dessert, I never know a North Indian Sweet will taste this much mild in sweetness. The coarse texture of the sweet is the main hit. When I read the recipe in the book I have no idea on this sweet.  After following the steps as mentioned in the book, the recipe turned out delicious..

I prepare this Delicious sweet for the sssshhhh cooking challenge, For the month of March I was paired with Priya, Writer of Priyasmenu page. She gave Nuts and Besan as my secret ingredient. I chose Moohanthal Recipe From Gujarati Cusine. A Rich Dessert will mild sweet taste. Gujarati Is a Western state in India. Many Gujarati dishes are distinctively sweet, salty, and spicy simultaneously. To know more about Gujarati Details
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In my first attempt I add some excess ghee, but that ghee ooze out in the last stage and it was not setting at all. In the second time I used the exact measurement as mentioned, then it came out like a charm. No one believe, a rich dessert will be this much mild in sweet. Try this super textured rich dessert and share us with your experience.



Step by Step picture instruction fro Mohanthal recipe

Add Milk and melted ghee to the flour, gently mix with hands to get them incorporated..
Keep the coarse besan flour mix aside for 30 mins.
Sieve the Flour to get the coarse mix.
This is a the another quick method to sieve the coarse mix. add them in a mixer or food processor and blend for a while.
Heat the pan with Ghee
Add the coarse mixed besan flour and fry
Put them flame in low and cook the besan flour till they reach pinkish colour..
Melt the sugar with half the amount of water.
In the mean time add Rose essence to the besan mix.
Add in the Cardamom powder.
Bring the sugar syrup to one string condition.
Add the soaked saffron mix to the besan mix.
And add the sugar syrup to the besan and mix them well for 3-5 mins..
 Transfer the mixture to the greased plate, garnish with sliced almonds and pista
Leave them aside for 8 hours to set.. slice and serve..