Punjabi Murgh Tariwala | How to make Punjabi Murgh Tariwala?

Punjabi Murgh Tariwala | How to make Punjabi Murgh Tariwala?

Punjabi Murgh Tariwala 2

 Punjabi Murgh Tariwala, can call as Punjabi Tariwala Chicken, An unique Curry from punjabi cuisine which is very common in Punjabi Households. I adore most of the Punjabi cuisines fro the blended rich masala flavours. 

Last month Me and Priya(Priyasmenu) had a chit chat in phone, we discussed so many cuisines and had a thought to explore more in Punjabi Cuisine. I was dreaming for this moment so had a good chance to share my knowledge on Punjabi cuisine. Punjabi cuisine is a most delectable one. Punjabi Murgh tariwala is a Delicious Gravy to accomplish with Roti and Chawal. Tariwala refers to Flavoursome curry/gravy. 

 This time Priya came up with a most flavourful aloo recipe with the combination of Jeera and Ajwain. Check her recipe by clicking the below image… 


 Here is my Punjabi Murgh Tariwala recipe on the same we paired this delectable curry with Jeera Pulav.. 

Punjabi Murgh Tariwala

Punjabi Tariwala Chicken/ Punjabi Murgh Tariwala

Recipe Cuisine: Punjabi |  Recipe Category: Curry
Prep Time: 2 hours   |  Cook time: 30 mins    |  Serves: 4


Ingredients to Marinate


Chicken  250 gms 
Curd 2 tsp
Lemon Juice 2 tsp
Lemon juice  1 tsp 


Other Ingredients


Oil  1 tsp
Onions 2 nos 
Ginger 1 “
Garlic  2 pods
Green chilli  2 nos 
Bay Leaf
Cloves  2
Cinnamon  1/2″ 
Cardamom  1 nos
Toamto 2 nos
Garam Masala 1 tsp
Jeera Powder  1/2 tsp
Chilli Powder  1 tsp
Coriander Powder 1 tsp 
Salt  as needed
Cilantro Leaves 3 springs



Take roughly chopped Onion, Garlic, Green Chilli, Ginger in a mixer and ground to a fine paste. 


 Wash and clean the chicken pieces, add curd, lemon juice and salt to the chicken. Marinate this for 2 hours. 


Heat a pan with oil, add Cloves, Bay leaf, Cardamom, Cinamon 


Once the whole spices fried, add in the grounded paste, cook this for 5-10 mins in medium flame.  


 Pulp the tomatoes in a mixer and add in to the pan, cook this mix for 15 mins in low medium flame. 


 Slow Cooking is must for tomatoes. 


 Add in the Marinated Chicken 


 Add all the powdered Spices to the pan. 


 Add enough water to cook the chicken. 


 Once the chicken done garnish with Coriander leaves 



    • Overnight marination will gives a good result. 
    • Adjust the Curry(Tariwala) consistency to your desired taste. 
    • Punjabi Murgh Tariwala is a best  curry to accomplish with Roti and Chawal(rice)
    • Actual recipe was prepared by Tomato Puree, Since Tomato Puree is not handy in everyones kitchen I Converted the recipe with Tomato Pulp. 
    • Should cook the Tomato Pulp in Low- medium flame for 15 mins to get good taste. 
    • Using tomato Puree will save Cooking time

Punjabi Murgh Tariwala1

“Punjabi Murgh Tariwala”

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