How to Make Kashmiri Chicken Curry

Kashmiri Chicken13

Kashmiri Chicken Curry, one such delicious recipe which shows the tempting red colour by using fiery hot Kashmiri peppers. Kashmiri cuisines are very simple with limited ingredients.

For the month of June In “SSSHHH Cooking Challenge”, I was paired with Anu writer of “Ente Thattukada”. She gave me Kashmiri Red chilli and Ginger as my secret ingredients. Again I can able to found a traditional North dish by those ingredients.

About Kashmiri Cuisines, they use Dairy products a lot, They have lot of Meat dishes, which keeps them warm for the low temperature. Most of their recipes cover to pari with Rice and roti. The collection of vegetarian recipes from kashmiri cuisines are most delectable, since they use the freshly harvested vegetables they taste much good. Saffron is the king ingredient, where they cultivate these beauties in the Kashmiri greens. Here comes the Kashmiri Chicken Curry recipe.

Step by Step picture instruction for Kashmiri Chicken


Take Garlic and kashmiri chilies in a blender, add some water and grind the masala

Kashmiri Chicken1

Add ginger and ground the paste to a fine consistency

Kashmiri Chicken3

 Take Cashew nuts in the blender add some water and ground to smooth paste.

Kashmiri Chicken2

 Heat a pan with oil, Temper with Jeera.

Kashmiri Chicken4

Add in the cleaned chicken pieces

Kashmiri Chicken5

Add in the chopped onion, saute for few mins

Kashmiri Chicken6

 Add in the Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder, Garam masala, and salt. Cover and cook this for few mins.

Kashmiri Chicken7

 Now add the Grounded Red chilli masala

Kashmiri Chicken8

 Along with the masala add enough water to cook the Chicken.

Kashmiri Chicken9

 After 10 mins, add in the cashew nut paste.

Kashmiri Chicken10

 Cook till they reach desired consistency.

Kashmiri Chicken11