How to Make Mini Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

Parathas are an awesome Indian recipe, mainly this recipe is from North part of India. Paratha recipe follows with various method of stuffing, Today’s recipe is a special one for me, that I recreated my old recipe which was shared by a very good friend.

For an active day we need some good heavy breakfast in the morning. This aloo paratha is a flavourful one with very minimal masala. Parathas are really an alternative rich diet for South Indian breakfast plate. From usual Idli/Dosa this is a twist with so many variations of vegetables. Aloo Mini Paratha is a best one for kids lunch box. Where it attracts the kids attention with their cute look, and stuff some of your kids favourite vegetables to make them more yummier.

Step by Step picture instruction For Mini Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha 2

Preparation for Aloo Mini Paratha

Take a Bowl with flour, Ghee and salt


Sprinkle some water and knead a soft dough.


 Set the dough aside for 45 mins, to make them more softer.


 Take Boiled Potato in a another bowl, add Jeer powder, Chaat masala, Aamchur powder(Dry Mango Powder), Garam masala, Red chilli powder and Salt


 Mix them well and set aside


Take a pinch of dough roll into a ball, dust the dough with flour, evenly flat the dough using a rolling pin.


 Place a spoon of stuffing into the Rolled roti


Slowly Close the Roti to form a ball


Again dust the Stuffed Dough ball with some flour


Slowly flat the roti using a rolling pin, slowly roll the roti to avoid spilling out of stuffing from the roti


Heat a tawa, Place the Roti in the hot tawa, Flip and cook both the sides by drizzling some ghee/oil over the roti


Tada, there you see my yummy Mini Aloo Paratha..

aloo paratha 3