How to Make Mukkani Fruit Salad?

How to Make Mukkani Fruit Salad?

Mukkani salad

Mukkani salad is a combination three divine fruits with the base of custard sauce. A perfect bowl of salad after a meal, I have Used Banana, Jackfruit and Mango in this salad, which are religiously called as Mukkani in Tamil.

In this post I’m going to share about Mukkani Fruit Salad a twist with regular custard salad recipe. All the three Fruits are blend and combined together without dominating their flavours, believe me I didn’t feel the dominant taste of any fruits which I used in this recipe. Usually Mukkanis are strong in flavour and taste, they all blend with their flavour and tasted like a divine salad. I realised , why our ancestors call these Mukkani as a Goddess fruits, Try this heavenly salad before the season ends. Well the recipe is very easy by chopping the fruits and mixing with custard mix, the one step to give a look is to cook the custard mix in a proper way.

I always had a thought of how these strong flavoured fruits will taste all together and this time I got a chance to experiment my self with this wonderful combination. We Enjoyed this fruit salad as a dessert, For the complete recipe scroll down and check.

Mukkani Fruit Salad

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 5  mins    |  Serves: 4


Mango 1 nos 
Jackfruit   5 pcs
Banana  2 nos small  
Custard Powder  2 tsp 
Milk  1 cup 
Sugar  2-3 tsp 


  • Boil 1 cup of milk in a sauce pan.
  • Mix custard powder with 2 teaspoons of milk, add the custard mix and sugar to the boiling milk and cook till the custard mix gets into a creamy texture. 
  • Allow the custard mix to cool. 
  • Peel and Chop the mango into small pieces, clean the jackfruit by removing its seed and chop them into small pieces, finally chop the bananas into small pieces. 
  • Take all the chopped fruits in a mixing bowl. 
  • Add the cooled custard mix and give a good mix to incorporate the fruits and the custard. 
  • Chill them for few mins or you can serve immediately, before serving top with some pomegranate pearls. 


    • Continuously stir the custard mix, or else lumps will raise. 
    • Cool the custard mix completely before you add them to the fruit mix. 
    • Best to serve as dessert. 
    • If you are a sweet tooth person then add more sugar. 


Step by Step Picture Instruction  

Mukkani Salad 1

Take a cup of milk in a sauce pan & boil 

Mukkani Salad 2

Take custard powder in a mixing bowl 

Mukkani Salad 3

Add few teaspoons of cold milk to make a thick paste

Mukkani Salad 4

Add the custard mix to the boiling milk, add sugar along with the custard mix

Mukkani Salad 5

Cook the custard mix to a creamy texture

Mukkani Salad 6

Peel and chop the mangoes into small pieces

Mukkani Salad 7

Deseed the jackfruits and chop them into small pieces

Mukkani Salad7

Peel and chop the bananas into small pieces  

Mukkani Salad8

Take all the fruits into a mixing bowl

Mukkani Salad 9

Add the cooled custard mix to the fruits 

Mukkani Salad9

 Mix well, Chill it for few mins or serve immediately


Mukkani salad

“Mukkani Fruit Salad


For the month of June In “SSSHH COOKING SECRET CHALLENGE” group was “Summer Salad”. The theme was suggested by “Sizzling Tastebuds” Kalyani. Kalyani has come up with a healthy salad with Barley, in sizzling tastebuds page I have seen so many Healthy recipes with barley,  and for this month I Was paired with Firsttimercook Sasmita, I got Milk and sugar as my secret ingredients, & I gave her Lemon and onion as a secret ingredients. Sasmita has come up with a wonderful a vegan Summer salad with Lobia bean. 

 Shhhhh cooking secretly


“Mukaani Fruit Salad” 


Mukkani salad


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