Moong dhal sago Kozhukattai

Moong dhal sago Kozhukattai

Moongdhal kozhukattai

Moong Dhal Sago Dumpling is healthy steamed snack, long back when I was talking with my aunt she was told about this protein rice healthy recipe and shared this wonderful recipe with me. I added this to my todo list, at that time itself. 

Moong dhal, is packed with protein and low on carbs, Also known as green gram &  most recommend vegetarian food for all age group people. Moong dhal is one of the ingredient in India which accompanies in all part the region. So many recipes can be done by using this versatile dhal, here in this recipe Moong dhal is one of the key ingredient. 

Sago pearls, is a type of Starch extracted from tapioca. Sago is a another Key ingredient which bring a unique flavour to this recipe. Sago is a dietary food, and low in vitamins and minerals. Sago reduce the risk factors for heart disease. Sago provides antioxidants and resistant starch and it has many health benefits. 

About the Dumpling, in South India we call dumpling as Kozhukattai, Which is nothing but steamed ball of food, the ingredients and preposition may vary in each recipes. Basically made of rice flour or any of the starchy flours. 

Moong dhal Sago Kozhukatai is a protein rich healthy recipe, which boost your energy instantly as this has the power pack ingredients.

Scroll down for the detailed recipe

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 1

Dry Roast the Moongdhal  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 2

 Roast them till they turns golden brown in colour 

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai3

Dry roast the sago pearls  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 4

Add Cardamom and dry roast till  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 8

 Cool the ingredients completely and Powder them in a mixer 

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 9

Powder according to your wish, {if you want to add fine powder or a coarse powder grind according}

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 10

Take rice flour in a mixing bowl,  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 11

Add the powdered content to the mixing bowl along with the rice flour  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 13

Add Grated coconut 

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 14

Strain and add the japery syrup  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 15

Knead a soft dough and make dumplings to equal size 

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 16

Place them in a steamer an steam for 15 mins  

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 17

Moongdhal Kozhukattai 

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 15 minutes    |  Cook time: 15 mins    Serves: 4



Moong Dhal   1/2 cup
Sago  1/4 cup 
Jaggery   3/4 cup 
Rice Flour  3 cups
Coconut  1/2 cup
Cardamom 2 nos
Dry Ginger Powder  1/2 nos  



  • Dry Roast the Moong dhal in medium flame till they turns golden brown in colour 
  • Dry Roast the sago and cardamom for few minutes in medium flame 
  • Allow Moong dhal and sago to cool down completely 
  • Take the jaggery in a sauce pan, add 1/4 cup of water, boil well to melt the Jaggery 
  • Powder the Jaggery and sago in a mixer 
  • Take rice flour in a mixing bowl, add the powdered dhal mix, coconut and mix well
  • Strain and add the Jaggery water to the dry mix.
  • Knead a soft dough, and start making the dumplings, repeat the same for all the dough 
  • Heat the steamer with water, Steam the dumplings for 15 mins in medium flame.


    • Adjust the sweet level according to your taste buds
    • If you add more jaggery water, then adjust the dough by adding more rice flour 
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