How to Make Dry Fruit Laddoo

Im back with a Fitness freak recipe, which is full of protein and iron content. “Dry Fruit Laddoo” here I have used the major component of Dry fruit(dates) and nuts, you can use the regular nuts.


This delicacy is a kids friendly recipe. If you are tired of feeding dry fruits to your little, and not only for kids even with elders who feel lazy to eat dry fruits will enjoy this laddoo. The magical ingredients are condensed milk and cocoa powder.

I have used some exotic nuts here, which are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You can try the same recipe with groundnuts as well.

When I told my kids that I wrote a recipe with these ingredients, they were so curious to know about the details and we all did this together. When it comes with no fire recipe you can involve your little genius or little champs in this mission. Over all I spent 10 minutes of time to complete this recipe, such an easy and instant healthy laddoo to give a try.

Are you a fitness freak person? then this snack is for you as well. If you are a fitness freaked person, you may need to reduce the amount of condensed milk to prepare them. Rest all the ingredients are really healthy and power packed.

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Step by step instructions

Sunflower Seeds are rich in Vitamin E that are fat soluble antioxidants. These seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties that can iron out the symptoms of cold and cough. Sunflower seeds also helps in Weight loss, which are rich in dietary fibre that keeps the stomach full. Vitamin B1 and electrolytes present in sunflower seeds may produce ample energy in the body. Sunflower seeds help to boosts heart health, which have essential fattty acids and phytosterols, help in regulating the cholesterol levels this helps to improve your immunity and reduce the risk of many fatal diseases.

Sunflower Seeds are excellent source for your skin. It gives a glowing skin since this seeds have essential fatty acids lie linolenic, oleic and palmitic acid, which help in the formation of collagen and elastin, rendering smoothness to the skin tissues. Sunflower seeds are great detoxification, known for their high-magnesium content. This nutrient has the ability to flush out the toxins from the body.


Pumpkin seeds are a boon for diabetics, Helps in improving insulin regulation in diabetics and decreases oxidative stress. These seeds are rich source of digestible protein that helps stabilise blood sugar level.
Cashew nuts contains a powerful antioxidants pigment called Zea Xanthin, this pigment is directly absorbed by our retina, in that way cashew nuts protects the eye. Cashew nuts are commonly used in Indian curries. Here I used Cashew nuts for the rich flavour.


Dates, I used pitted and washed dates here. Dates are known to be its natural healing powers. Health benefits of dates are like endless, let me mention few of them here. Dates can lowers the cholesterol. Its a protein rich one, rich in vitamins, improves bone health, strengthens the nervous system, rich in iron, promotes digestion, improves skin, and so many delicacies can be deon sung this versatile ingredient.

ladoo 3

I have used cardamon for the flavour. Cardamom will help with digestive problem and for bad breath. Mainly cardamom is used to enhance the recipe flavour.
ladoo 9

Ground all the above mentioned ingredients in a mixer to a coarse content, you can add nuts and dry fruits of your choice.


Add Dry coconut powder to the coarsely ground mix, Dry coconuts are useful for people with Diabetes it has a mild impact on blood glucose levels.

ladoo 6

I have added Cocoa powder, this is an magical ingredient for this recipe, and I choose cocoa powder here since I narrate this recipe for a monthly event in shhhh cooking challenge.
ladoo 7

Finally the taste maker, I have added 1/2 cup of condensed milk, which is truly delicious for the recipe, and helps to make mass of content.


Equally dived and shape them into ladoos.


Finally roll them in coconut powder and serve.
ladoo 11

All done just a few minutes of work, you will get a rich delicious diet friendly ladoo to serve. Hope you all enjoy the recipe. Do try and write about your experience to me.