Sun Dried Bitter Gourd Vathal | Pavakkai Vathal


Pavarkaai Vathal | Sun Dried Bitter-Gourd Recipe  | BItter-Gourd Vathal, is a best way to preserve the bitter-gourd. This type of a Fryum is a traditional Tamilnadu recipe, during summer season vegetables are preserved for the rest of the seasons.

Pavakkai Vathal or sun dried bitter gourd is a traditional Tamil Nadu recipe made by drying veggies in the hot afternoon Sun. The bitter gourd is turned into a vathal by adding it into boiling water with turmeric and salt, finally it will be dries in direct sun. Bitter gourd is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It contains iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins like A and C. It contains twice the calcium of spinach and beta-carotene of broccoli. Various anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds are present in bitter gourd. Viha’s Bitter Gourd are from our own kitchen, cleaned and sun dried. Goes well with all our south Indian dishes.

Biter-gourds are blanched with turmeric, salt and curd, then sun dried and stored in air tight container. Fried vathal or Kara kulambu with this bitter- gourds are the major consumptions. In early days this recipe was used to persevere bitter-gourd for so many days, even in this era refrigerated bitter-gourd stays fresh for 10 days but in this method will helps the vegetable to stay for a longer time.

Bitter- gourd:

Bitter-melon is the another name for bitter-gourd, and it is a tropical plant. In South Indian cooking Bitter-gourd is used in many ways like thoran, mezhukkupiratti, theeyal, pachadi, kootu and so on. In Tamilnadu pagarkkai pitla is a special recipe with bitter-gourd. This vegetable helps in the treatment of diabetes, stomachache, skin diseases, ulcer, menstrual regulations.

Why to preserve BitterGourds?

In India bitter-Gourd is consumed in many ways for its major health benefit. Primarily, bitter-gourd helps to reduce the blood sugar, regulates the menstrual, helps in weight loss and may more. This is a water sacked vegetable, so the shelf life will be less when compare to other vegetable, preserving in this method will helps to stay for longer period.


Sun Dried Bitter Gourd Vathal | Pavakkai Vathal

Biter-Gourd  1 kg
Salt as needed
Curd 1/2 cup
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Water as needed  


  •  Wash and clean the Bitter-Gourds, Evenly slice the bitter-Gourd, Slices should neither thin nor thick.
  • Transfer the Bitter-Gourds into a pan, add enough water to immerse the bitter-gourds.
  • Add Salt, 1/2 tsp of Turmeric powder, 1/2 cup of curd mix them well and boil it for 5 mins. this is step is just like the balancing process.
  • Drain the excess water using a strainer.
  • Spread the bitter-gourds in a plate or mat and sun dry for 4-5 days or until they turns crisp.
  • Store them in a air tight container.


    • Make Sure the Slices are in evenly sliced. Slices should neither thin nor thick 
    • Blanching process helps the sun dried bitter-gourds to stay for a long. 

Step by Step Method

Pavakkai Vathal 1

Wash and Clean the Bitter-Gourds

Pavakkai Vathal 2

Evenly slice the BitterGourds, Slices should neither thin nor thick

Pavakkai Vathal 3

Transfer the Sliced Bitter-gourds into a pan, add enough water to immerse the Bitter-gourds

Pavakkai Vathal 4

Add the salt as needed

Pavakkai Vathal 5

 Add 1/2 cup of curd

Pavakkai Vathal 6

 Add 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder, Mix them well and boil it in medium flame.

Pavakkai Vathal 7

Boil it for 5 mins, this is just a blanching process to preserve the Bitter-gourds

Pavakkai Vathal 8

Drain the excess water in a strainer

Pavakkai Vathal 9

Spread the bitter-gourd slices  in a mat or plate

Pavakkai Vathal 10

Sun dry the Bitter-gourds for 3-4 days or until they turn crisp


Store them in a air tight container

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