Aval Keasari

Aval Keasari
Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all my viewers… today there is one more special news to share… one of my blog friend delivered a girl baby on Aug 21.. here this is the welcome post For Aarthi and the new little angel… May God Showers his Blessings to their Life..”Congratulation Aarthi…. That’s i plan to welcome them with a Visual treat of Sweet Dish…. Finally here is the recipe….

Aval/Poha- 1 cup
Sugar- 3/4 cup
Water- 1 cup
Nuts- 10
Rasins- 10
Ghee- 4-5 tsp
Orange Food Color- a pinch
* Rinse the Poha/Aval with Water, Drain them up for few mins… 
* Grind the Poha/Aval in Mixer to a Coarse Form..
* Heat the kadai with 1 tsp of ghee fry the nuts and rasins keep separated..
* Heat the Kadai with 1 tsp of Ghee, Fry the Grind-ed Poha.. and set aside
* Bring the Water to boil with a pich of Orange food color and Crushed Yellachi..
*Add the Fried Poha… and cook till the Water Dries up
* Add the Sugar…
* Add in the Ghee cook for 2 mins..
* Add the fried nuts and rasins..
Aval Keasari
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