Gooseberry Juice/ Amla Juice

Gooseberry Juice/ Amla Juice
November 14 World Diabetic Day… After seeing the note… i want to post this simple juice recipe… making this is very very simple..

Diabetic.. i scared of hearing the word its… my father was a diabetic patient… i caught in Gestational Diabetic in my 8th month.. always i be aware of sweets… though after delivery im okay.. there is lot of possibility to face the problem again..

During my pregnancy time my blood level was 7… so all advised to take Gooseberry juice.. strictly i had this for a month in my next check up thats the miracle… my blood level was 9 and diabetic is completely normal… so if you know any diabetic patients or anybody with low blood level… without hide, please share the recipe… 
For best result in diabetic advised to take this in morning empty stomach.. the Gooseberry contains the iron of 1 apple( ie., 1Gooseberry=1Apple).. this is one of the best medicine for immunity also.. so kids who caught Cold Fever can take this for once in week..
Gooseberry /Amla- 2 nos
Water- 1 cup
Salt- 1/2 tsp
* Wash the Berries and de-seed them like these..
* Use your blender to grind them.
* First grind without adding water.

* Add 3 to 4 tsp of water blend Again.

* Strain the Mix… Squeeze it as possible..

* See from 1 gooseberry i got 4 tsp of concentrated Juice..

* Add a Cup of water and dilute the Juice.

* Add the Salt mix them well

“Gooseberry Juice”
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