Soft Idli/Soft Idly

Soft Idli/Soft Idly
Idli is a very popular breakfast for South Indians, mainly this is the one which places their major role in all tamil festivals.
Idli,Vada, Pongal, Keasari, with Sambar, cococnut chutney, Kara chutney will be the best combo all over the top Veg hotels in Tamilnadu, mainly Saravana bhavan, Anadha bhavan, who ever tasted this combo will never go the second option in Breakfast.
Its a healthy one coz the process is steaming and the Combo of Urad dhal plays a healthy part, this is the food recommended by doctors for babies who ever passed their 6 months of age..
Making a soft idli is really a big deal in kitchen.. honestly saying i dont know to make a soft idli in my starting.. also Joe doesn’t like Idli.. he’ll have dosa but till now i dont know the reason behind this why he hate idli??? after Jess babe’s 1 year i tried it hardly to get a perfect soft idli’s.. atlast my MIL taught the Secret to make them prefect… and now its a regular breakfast in our home..;) not for Joe, he’ll have the dosa in the mean time.. here we go with our recipe, try and let me know how it turns for you..

Urad Dhal- 1 cup
Idli Rice- 4 cups
Methi seeds/Venthayam- 1 tsp
Salt- 1 tsp


* Clean & Soak the urad dhal with methi seeds/ Venthayam and rice separately for 2-3 hours.

* Start Grinding the the urad dhal first, grind this for 20-25 mins by sprinkling some water, just dip drop your finger in water to the dhal mix, it should not stick your hands then its perfect to scoop out from the grinder, then grind the rice for 30 mins till they grind, scoop them out and add it to the dhal mix.

* Add salt and beat this with your hand, do not use any ladle.. the heat from your hand will reach the batter when you do in hands, in normal room temperature, it can easily fermented with 8-10 hours.

* Cover  it and keep this for 8-10 hours, see the difference the batter will raise and properly fermented.

* Grease the Idli mold and Scoop the batter to the mold.

* Steam in Medium flame for 8-10 mins, To check insert a tooth pick, or dip the knife in water, poke in the center it’ll not stick if they fully done.

* You can use Black urad dhal, it take time to clean them.
* Dont mix the fermented batter much, if they release the air bubbles you’ll fail to get the soft idli’s
* After Steaming, take out the idli tray and keep in room temperature for 5 mins, to take a non sticky idly
* After the fermentation if you take the batter in ladle it’ll not wait much.. if its done then you are ready to make soft Idly’s

All Done..

Dip and enjoy the soft idli’s with your favorite sambar, coconut chutney, mint chutney, kara chutney.

“Soft Idli”
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