Mutton Biryani- Electric Cooker Method

Mutton Biryani- Electric Cooker Method
Mutton Biryani- Electric Cooker Method is one of the heavy meal, which i follow here was a very simple method, without coconut milk i never cook biryani, this time its running out of time and had lots of chores to complete, i did it without coconut milk, & the taste was great..

Cooking in  Electric cooker is really a time saving one.. my first electric cooker was broken by Jess boy, sometimes he is a wild child… now this one, its a new Cooker which was in our home town “Its our marriage Gift”… Cooking a one pot meal like biryani, pulav, is a pleasure for week ends, every put together and wait for few mins, and all ready to serve.. also they go well with a simple combo of Egg and raita… Most of our weekends are with these kind of one pot meal. have to clean clothes, ironing, Have to prepare things for the week days, between kids managing the day was too difficult… here we go with the easy mutton biryani….

Preparation time- 1 hour
Cooking Time- 45 mins
Serves- 3

Mutton- 1/4 kg
Jeera Samba Rice/Basmathi- 250 gms
Onion- 1 sliced
Tomato – 1 chopped
Ginger Garlic Paste- 1 tsp
Mint and Coriander leaves- a handful
Ghee- 2 tsp
Oil- 2 tsp
Boiled Egg- 3-4 nos

To Marinate:
Chillie powder- 2 tsp
Corriander powder- 2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Curd- 3/4 cup
Graham masala- 1/2 tsp

To Temper:
Bay Leaf- 1
Cloves- 2 nos
Cardamon- 2 nos
Cinnamon- 1 inch
Star Anise- 1/2
Fennel Seeds- 1/2 tsp


* Clean and wash the mutton in a running water, Add the Chille powder, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Graham masala, Salt and curd to the mutton, mix them well and marinate this for 1 hour..

* In the Mean time Slice the Onion to thin pieces, Chop the Tomatoes, finely chop the Mint and Coriander leaves. heat a pressure Cooker or pressure pan with 1 tsp of ghee and 2 tsp of oil temper with cinnamon, cardamon, Fennel seeds, bay leaf, Cloves, fry them till the nice aroma comes out..

* Add in the Chopped Onions to the pan and cook till turns pink in color, add in the Ginger Garlic paste and saute for a few mins..

* Add in the Tomatoes and Cook till they ooze out the Oil, it takes 10mins in medium flame..

* And now add the marinated meat to the pan, add 1/2 cup of water and cook this for 2-3 whistles..

* Wash the rice and soak it for 10 mins… Wait for the pressure release and Take out the gravy.. if its too water then keep in high flame for 5 mins to make it as a thick gravy..

* Transfer the rice to the Electric cooker and add 2.5 cups of water( for 1 cup rice 2.5 cups of water), over that add in the cooked gravy and throw in the Mint and coriander leaves.. press the cook button in the Electric cooker..

* For Jeera samba 1cup rice takes 2.5 cups of water..
* Adjust spice and taste as per your choice..
* Do follow the electric cooker procedure from your manual..
* I didnt use coconut milk, if you wish a rice version, then reduce the water quantity and substitute with Coconut milk.
* If you dont have electric cooker, then do the same in your ordianry pressure cooker and cook it for 2 whistles..

Top with Boiled Eggs..

“Mutton Biryani- Electric Cooker Method”
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