Eggless Mango IceCream

Eggless Mango IceCream

Eggless Mango IceCream with only three ingredients.. before trying this i thought preparing a ice-cream like store bought was little tough and difficult task, i should own a IceCream maker for it.. now   can you believe without IceCream Maker and only with three ingredients and there is no fire work to prepare this…
Interesting rite, I enjoy making a IceCream in home… i never imagine i can make a ice-cream without  ice-cream mix and ice-cream maker.. the usual preparation forms crystals, that need to blend 1-2 times to form without  crystals…its such a pretty thing making a ice-cream with less time and less ingredients.. Lets go with the Recipe..

Recipe Source- Edible Garden
Preparation time-6 hours
Serves- 5 cups

Mango- 2 nos
Condensed Milk- 1/2 cup
Fresh Cream- 200ml


* Wash, peel and chop the ripped mangoes and set aside..

* In a Mixer beat the Fresh Cream, Don’t over beat the Cream it may churn to Butter..

* Add in the fresh mangoes and blend well..

* Now add the Condensed milk and beat it well..

* Take freezer met box, fill it with the cream mix.. Freeze it for 6-8 hour in refrigerator..

* Use Good ripen mangoes..
* Can use your favorite fruits to make the same..

“Mango IceCream”
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